Saturday, December 12, 2009

Cinnamon Rolls, Abbie, and Me

Okay, Abbie and I have been working on Pioneer Woman's Cinnamon Rolls since 10:30 this morning. We just finished. Lots of this time was waiting for dough to rise and cooking time, but that is still a long time.

Our verdict-pretty good. My dough did not rise well. I'm not sure if the house was warm enough. If I do this again, I might let the bread maker make the dough. We only had five pans (the recipe calls for 7), but that will be more than enough. They are very sweet and you can only eat a little at a time. Does anyone know if you can freeze these?

The Cast of Characters, and believe me, he is a character.

They had sort of a nutty taste that I was not expecting. I can only think it must have come from the maple extract, maybe? When they guys get home they can taste test and I'll give you a guys review.

I"m glad Abbie and I could do this together. It got the kitchen pretty messy and Abbie begged to take a picture of me. She couldn't believe that I was actually putting flour on the counter on purpose. I guess she wanted to document it.

Note to self: Do not wear a black shirt on baking day.
***My pictures are not obeying and getting in the correct order. "I just don't know what to do with them sometimes-literally."


  1. Those cinnamon rolls look yummy!
    It doesn't matter what color shirt I wear when I'm baking, I always get dirty! :)

  2. Those look SOOOOOO good and you are making me hungry. Hope you had fun

  3. Your cinnamon rolls look really yummy. What was the verdict? Did everybody like them?

  4. they look delicious! i'm going to give it a shot next week...not sure about the nutty taste though, i might have to alter the recipe a tad and hope it turns out well. who am i kidding? pw obviously knows her stuff way more than i do! i'll stick to her recipe! i think you can freeze them before they're baked, but after i don't think they'll taste that great re-heated.

  5. I so hate that I'm not there to do a taste test. I feel like I'm an expert on anything cinnamon roll or honeybun related.

  6. I have never made homemade cinnamon rolls. I usually let the store do it for me. ;)

  7. Yum! Looks delicious. You're a much better housewife than I to make HOMEMADE Cinnamon

  8. I baked in chocolate brown the other day...equally not a good idea. Though I felt dressed for the occasion :o)