Monday, December 7, 2009

Monday Morning

The past few days have been FULL. But with lots of good things. Still makes MamaHen super-tired, but at least it is good things.

Mark and the boys have been working on our chicken coop. It needed a fix-up and because of the Great Chicken Massacre of 2009 this was a good time as it is empty. When they get it all done and cleaned up I hope to do some decorating as Jayme did. She is the Queen of Chicken Coop Decorating.

James and Abbie watching Rudolph the other night. Fortunately they are not scared of the Abdominal Snowman like I am. There must be something very creepy back in the recesses of my mind about that snowman.
James found the sugar bowl unattended and took full advantage of it. He was sooo mad when I took it away from him.

I don't do a lot of Christmas decorating. I don't have the natural decorating instinct and I worry too much about whether things look good or not. So we just decorate the Living Room with our tree and a few knick-nacks. Mark made me this pretty wreath out of our grapevines so I decided to fancy up the mantle some. Everything was things I already had or came straight from the yard. I want to get some little LED lights to go in the greenery.

Mark is off work this whole week. Right now all four children are out helping him build the kid's treehouse (well, James is mostly getting in the way and I really should go out there and help corral him, but it is cold out there and it is so nice and warm and QUIET in the house). Tonight we will do our usual Heritage Girl and Scout meetings. Then tomorrow Sweet Nana is keeping the kiddos so Mark and I can go to lunch and do our shopping. Woo-Hoo, a date with my sweet hubby! Anyone in the Birmingham/Hoover area have some good CHEAP lunch suggestions?


  1. OK, decorate the chicken coup???

    The mantle looks good!

    Tell James he doesn't need sugar, he's sweet enough! (he,he,he)

  2. I would love to see your chicken coop all strung up with Christmas lights. That'd be just awesome. :)

    Enjoy your date tomorrow! That sounds awesome!

    Suggestions for lunch:
    Baha Burger


  3. I am terrible at decorating so I know how you did a good job though on the mantle:)

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  5. The mantle does look great! There's a great little Italian place over at Patton Creek that I loved, if you are going that way. Can't remember the name...not the big restaurant, though...anyway

    Gotta be scared of that Abdominal Snowman! The way he chases everyone with the Ab machine forcing them to do crunches!!AAAA!

  6. Yeah...a date with your Hubbie!! Now that's Christmas shopping to really enjoy:) Hope your day was fantastic! I think the mantle looks terrific - not sure why you don't have the decorating instinct...seriously, you're wanting to decorate the chicken coop!! Love it.

    Enjoyed that Christmas meme, too. Mind "borrow" that one! My brain is on overload:)

  7. Can't wait to see how you decorate the chicken coup! :)
    Hope you had a fun and successful shopping date!

  8. Your mantle looks very pretty! I don't have ANY decorations out yet... I hope your date and shopping went well... I'm a few days late or I would have suggested Costco's (the warehouse shopping place like Sams) for lunch. Not fancy at ALL but you can get lunch and a drink for around $2! A friend of mine and I go there sometimes when we're trying to be really cheap!

  9. I have children who go after unattended sugar bowls too!

    And unattended sticks of butter.

    I even have one I have caught with the salt shaker!

    Oh, my! My children must be strange! ;)

  10. I want a chicken coop whaaaa whaaaa. Yours is lovely, as far as chicken coops go.

    Your mantle is so beautiful -- I love the decorations too.