Thursday, December 3, 2009

Reason # 4,596 Why My Sweet Hubby Is Awesome

Last night Mark came home from work with a surprise for me. An ABBA cd. To some of you that might not mean a lot, but to me its a big deal. Its no surprise to those who know me that I love to sing and dance all around the house. It is a fun to way to break the tension and provide endless torture entertainment for the kiddos. It also is a great punishment motivator for when the kids don't listen to my spills. I make them learn a song and dance with me and then perform it for their dad that night. (I'm pretty sure they really like it though-we usually end up laughing like crazy at each other).

So, this morning as we headed off to Bible Study I popped in "Take A Chance On Me" and let the moaning singing begin. I LOVE that song. No idea why except it has a catchy beat and is a great dance song. If I ever move into the new century I will have it on my MP3. And then I can tune out the children focus on the music all the time.

Baby, I'm glad you took a chance on me! - and yes, Mark, I am cracking myself up!

Do you have any secret songs that you just love and can't resist singing out loud to? Let me know and maybe I can get some new ideas to drive the kids crazy with share with the kiddos.


  1. Well, you know I absolutely LOVE "Girls Just Wanna Have Fun" and of course, "Suspicious Minds". The ABBA CD is great!

  2. I can SOOO see you singing and dancing to Take a chance on me. What about Dancin Queen?

  3. So I'm assuming that means you loved Mama Mia when it came out earlier?

  4. My Mom TOTALLY did this to me as a child. Her favorite: Itty Bitty Yellow Polka Dot Bikini. I wish I could remember more of them, because they were all equally as crazy.

    Now I need to find some songs to torture Ali with, post-haste!

  5. I can't think of any songs that annoy my kids, they're still a little too young for that.
    However, my husband and I are 6 1/2 years apart, so we grew up listening to totally different kinds of music. He hates my music and for the most part I don't like his. We annoyed each other with our music so much in our year and a half of dating that now we don't listen to any music in the car...kinda sad isn't it? :)