Wednesday, January 13, 2010

And He Will Now Be Called "Bruiser"

So last night Mark had to work late. The kids and I had just gotten settled in to watch the new season of American Idol. I had on my pjs and was all wrapped up in my Snuggie. Good to go. James of course, could care less about watching TV and he was running around playing and generally trying to get us to NOT watch TV.

He came and stood in front of me with his Darth Vader mask on. He growled a little bit, I acted all scared, and he laughed. He kept on and on and on though so I got the mask, put it on and began to say, "James, I am your mother." I know, so original.

Well, evidently I am a great actress because it scared him so bad he punched me in the face. And I had that hard mask on. I immediately started crying and yelling. The kids ran over and leapt into action. Tyler called Mark and told him my nose was broken. Fortunately Mark was already driving home. Matt got me an ice pack and Abbie was trying to love and comfort me. When James heard Tyler calling Mark on the phone I heard his little padded-footy-pajamed feet high-tailing it to the bathroom and then I heard the door slam. I guess he was hiding out.

I was knocked for a loop. I was so dizzy and my nose was throbbing. There is a hard plastic piece in the mask that holds it up on your nose and it got me bad. My mother-in-law came and sat with me until Mark got home because I could not stand up due to the dizziness.

Mark came home and declared that it was not broke, but it hurt like the dickens. He took care of me the rest of the night and that was almost worth the pain. Mark is excellent in the taking care of a sick/hurt person department. Part of it is because he is such a wonderful guy and partly because he has had so much practice with me.

Anyway, this morning I still have a little swelling and it hurts to touch it. But I will be alright.

Mark says it is a good thing I am a lover and not a fighter. My three year old can beat me up.


  1. You cannot be serious! What is up with you getting hit in the face???

    I'm glad you're OK and don't have a broken nose. That would probably scare James too with all that gauze and tape.

    For the love.

  2. OUCH!!

    Are you SURE it's not broken?? I thought that there was no way mine could be, but sure enough, after a week of pain and I went in, it most certainly was.

    I sure hope yours isn't though!

  3. That hurts just thinking about it! Instead of "Beware of Dog" sign, you might ought to put up a sign that warns, "Beware of Bruiser!" :0)

  4. Rachel, I'm pretty sure its just bruised. But if it keeps on hurting I might go get it checked out. Do they do anything for broken noses?

  5. I hope the swelling and pain go away soon, getting hit in the nose is the worst! But, at least you got a funny blog post out of it! ;)

  6. Oh, no! I can just picture the entire scene in my mind! I am so sorry. I do hope it feels better very soon. Hopefully your nose isn't broken. And I'll be watching out for James. I will be sure not to sneak up on him! ;)

  7. Even if it is broken, they probably wouldn't do anything for it. (unless you were having trouble breathing) And then I could describe what they'd do, but you would not enjoy hearing about it.
    Sorry you got punched. No more scary masks for you...

  8. Maybe girls are not so bad?!
    Hope you're feeling much better by now!

  9. Oh no! I bet he felt so bad. I hope you got rid of the I said, never a dull moment in that house!

  10. Ouchie Mama! Hope that you feel better soon.