Wednesday, January 20, 2010

My Day In Numbers So Far

1-case of poison ivy
1-trip to the store to get milk and apple juice
1-gallon of apple juice purchased and
0-gallons of milk brought home
1-naked three year old caught running around in the back yard
1-broken glass by three year old
1-egg cracked on my end table because three year old wanted to "cook"
1-child's haircut cut by me because I could not stand the bangs in her eyes "one more minute"
1-mini-van cleaned out
1-child's hand accidentally slammed in the van's door
3-loads of laundry washed and dried
3-children schooled
6-word problems that totally confused Tyler and me (but we got them figured out though, and neither one of us cried)
12-bills paid
0-deliciosio brownies left at my house
2-times I have ran my dishwasher today
1-number of times I will have to run it again before bed
1,365-times I have looked at the clock to see if it was time for Sweet Hubby to get home

And it is 3:27 pm now. The next two hours as I wait for Sweet Hubby to get home will be critical in the "Will MamaHen have a come-apart or won't she?" scenario. I'll let you know.


  1. Sounds like an interesting and productive day. The only thing missing is a stomach virus. But that is my week! ;)

  2. I've had one of those days too! Bedtime can't come early enough tonight!
    Hope tomorrow is calmer ;)

  3. I like your Hubby's response! That's about what mine would say too! I've had many days like yours, probably a few more to come, since your in the the eastern time zone and I'm out west, your Hubby is probably home by now- my day is still going on!

  4. 100--Times I wondered while reading this how you got all that done in one day.

    Go, Girl!

  5. lol!!! I know you survived, though, b/c we've had too many days like this before to let it get us down now! ;-) (Remember when there were 3 preschoolers? And 7 when we got together!?!)

  6. Oh Wendy I think it is in the air b/c we have had a day from you know where. Christopher has had the stomach bug most of the week and today he has made up for all the whining he has not done since Sat. I am at my wits end ready for bedtime.

  7. I literally got a shiver up and down my legs when I read the van door slamming. Poor them! Poor you!!

  8. Girl! I hope by now the kiddos are all in the bed and your chillin' with the Hubs!

  9. OH ! I have been there too. At least it was nice outside today and not freezing.

  10. Oh, no that's not a good day. I was glad to see the post afterwards saying your husband rescued it.
    Hang in there girl, remember what it says in "Lil's Purple Purse," "Today wasn't a good day, but tomorrow will be better."