Monday, February 8, 2010

The Days Are A-Flying

The past two weeks seems to have been just one really long mixed-up day. Its all jumbled up in my mind and there seems to be no end to the running around. I find myself making lists from my lists and that is the point for me when I have to say, "Stop". So today is going to be a "Domestic Day" here at our house and I will attempt to corral the chaos a little bit.

My thoughts are here and there about the kid's school, the adoption, money for the adoption, thoughts about a new baby (the wonderful and the sleep-deprivation), doctor's appointments, all the kid's Scout activities, making time for Mark and me, the housework, blah, blah, blah, etc...... and on and on and on. Do you get the point?

Anyway, that's what I'm doing today. Trying to get things a little settled in my mind and my surroundings.

One of the things going on this weekend was Abbie's Heritage Girl Valentine Dance. She had a fun night out with her Daddy. Mark said the girls danced a song with the dads and then they danced together the rest of the night.

James has been busy helping the Wonder Pets solve their Wonder Pet dilemmas. All that detective work makes him a very tired little boy at night.

I'm off to do the Clean-Up Dance for my kids, they will moan and groan a little bit (except for James who totally loves the Clean-Up Dance and even participates), and then we will all get to work. And then someone will get distracted and I will go into my little talk about how God is not a God of chaos and confusion, but a God of order and peace, and how we were put here to have dominion over the earth and bring some order to the naturally-occurring disorder because of the Fall of Man, and then the kids will look at me strangely, and get back to work. Rinse and repeat throughout the day until house is clean. And then Mark comes home, we get the kids in the bed, and I start to cry because I am so tired and because I've done this for 11 years and I know we'll do it all over again soon. But, we will be doing it together and that makes it all worthwhile.


  1. Yes, life can get crazy and like you when the house gets out of control I feel even more crazier.

    Love the picture of your daughter with your husband! And the one of your son at the computer is priceless.

    And yes, in spite of all I know, I would do this all over again!

  2. I understand. My two eldest are cleaning the basement right now. The termite inspector is coming today, and we cannot have him scandalized by a teenage girls' messy room or break his leg on a pile of Duplo blocks in the family room, can we? I just tried out your lecture on them. Not sure it was very effective. Think I will need to repeat frequently.

    Well, need to head upstairs and check on the little ones watching Veggie Tales. Plus take this huge pile of copywork pages up with me and three hole punch it and organize this rest of this week's schoolwork. Seems like I spent an hour or two doing this last night, and here I am still doing it this morning! :( Cleaning and organizing houses and schoolwork never stops, does it? ;)

  3. took notes on your little speech...

    rebekah told me you asked about us - thanks , that means a lot to me!!!

  4. You described the day and feelings of a Mommy quite perfectly in this post. I can so identify, but feel like I shouldn't, since I only have one kid and you have four.

  5. I feel very much like your last paragraph these past few weeks myself. I try to keep reminding myself that the little things are the foundation for the eternal things. And I'm totally stealing your "chaos out of order" and will be quoting this particular scripture to my own chickies from here on out. They are going to LOVE it! :)

  6. Hey Wendy!
    "lists from my lists" I am SO THERE!
    I'm having trouble with my email and wanted to make sure you got my reply about ideas?

  7. Glad to know I'm not the only one completely overwhelmed by life more often than not. I love the pic of James and the fact that he's helping the Wonderpets. I know he's an invaluable part of their team.

  8. Looks like Abbie-Girl had a great time! I hope you got "things in order" yesterday!

  9. Oh my - I have been having one too many domestic days...stuck at home..lately. That greener grass thing...always true:)

    I would LOVE to see the clean-up dance:)

  10. When you can steal away for a moment will you tell me more about Heritage Girls?

    I feel the same way so often and then remind myself that I am blessed beyond compare to have the opportunity to keep my little one with me and not in daycare (a personal conviction). However, some days I really honestly want to run to my room, close the door and cover my head for like, a week!

    I think about your adoption often, as my sister is going through it... without means to secure a result.

  11. The father-daughter pictures were precious. I have such great memories of my dad. She'll long remember that night.

    I know what you mean -- even with four boys and no pink or lace around the house, I'd do it again in a heartbeat!

  12. Oh, MamaHen, we are so SO SO SO much on the right page right now. Even the crying at night because we are exhausted and because we'll do it all again, probably within the next three days. And yet, I know that somehow these are the best years of my life. Thank you for your humor and your way with words. You always make me smile.