Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Diary Of A MamaHen

This is what I did today.
1. Walked through the house and turned off the light switches (repeat approximately 258 times).

2. Washed and dried four loads of laundry.

3. Shut the wide-open back door. (repeat approximately 139 times).

4. Ran two loads of dishes (and there are still the supper dishes).

5. Watched as Abbie washed every doll's hair she owns and then blew their hair dry.

6. Shut the refrigerator door (repeat 68 times).

I think Alabama Power should pay for our baby's adoption. Evidently these Clark children are keeping them in business.


  1. Life as a mother, huh?
    I am looking forward to meeting you at the Pottery event on Saturday! I think it's going to be alot of fun!

  2. My mom used to lock one of my sister's outside b/c she was tired of her always leaving the front door open! Maybe you should give it a try ;)

  3. I swear, everytime I read your posts, I think I have such a quiet, boring life! I can't imagine what you go through everyday! LOL....Well, I do clean up cat vomit almost everyday, so that's gotta count for SOMETHIN"!

  4. Install pet doors on the refrigerator and back door. The kids are still small enough to fit through them. Then have mark put the light switches on the ceiling.

  5. I don't understand, just tell the kids to shut the door and turn off the lights when they leave a room...

    I'll be waiting for my punch in the arm when I see you Saturday!

  6. Funny I do the same thing only it is my grown husband who I am following behind. I always tell him I can everything he does in a given day at our house b/c he leaves a trail behind him.

  7. My solution to the fridge is not allowing my kids to be in the kitchen at all!! I know. They will never learn to pour juice or cook. It's a travesty that keeps me sane!