Monday, February 1, 2010

A Valentine's Meme

Well, just knock me over with a feather. I just figured out how to put up a Mr. Linky ALL BY MYSELF. I know. Lets just take a moment.

I thought it would be fun to do a Valentine's Meme and learn about our sweethearts. The big day is coming and even though I have the sweetest Sweet Hubby around I know you want to share about your sweetie also. So, I have put up a Mr. Linky so we can all share. I'll be leaving this up for the rest of the week. On Friday I will draw a name from the Mr. Linky participants to win a little prize.

Here we go. You can just cut and paste this onto your blog.

MamaHen's Valentine's Day Meme

1. Describe your Valentine in five words or less.

Good-looking, kind, hilarious, comforting, reliable

2. Best Valentine present you ever received?

My pearl and diamond ring Mark got for me a couple of years ago. It is just beautiful.

3. Worst Valentine present you ever received?

My high school boyfriend got me a teddy bear. Seriously, I was 17 years old and he got me a teddy bear. I don't think so.....

4. Your favorite Valentine candy?

I would have to say anything chocolate.

5. Would you rather receive chocolate or flowers?

Chocolate, but I really love flowers too. Could I get both?

6. A dress-up candlelight dinner out or a movie snuggling at home?

A movie at home with hot chocolate and my sweetie close by.

7. Your favorite romantic movie(s)?

Pride and Prejudice and Sweet Home Alabama.

8. Your favorite romantic song(s)?

Oh, this is soooo hard for me. I guess right now it would be "If I Bring You Pretty Flowers", by Steve Martin. (Yes, that Steve Martin). See if you can find it on YouTube, it really is a pretty song, ---but married couples only. Its a real love song.

So, there you go. Now folks, there is nothing more pitiful than an empty Mr. Linky just hanging out there at the end of a post. Its not hard to do, just link to that particular post, and there will be a prize.!!!! Ya'll don't let me down. Pretty Please.

***Okay, I guess I didn't figure it out. The links are supposed to show up on the Mr. Linky thingy, but they aren't. You can click on the Mr. Linky button and it will take it to the links.


  1. Too sweet! Happy almost Valentines Day!!

  2. I've had this sitting open for a few days so I can come back when I have a moment to create mine...... Hopefully this will happen soon. I've heard some people's kids nap....

  3. So fun! thanks for doing this :) i linked up!

  4. Very clever, I am impressed :) But I won't join this time, as I commented to Jill, we don't do Valentines.. sad eh?!
    So, if I want to do a linky, then I'll have to ask you :)

  5. I vote for chocolate ALL the way! Cute!

  6. I'll see whether I can manage to link up before then, Mama Hen!

  7. Ok - why was that harder than I thought it would be??? The present thing was a tricky one:)

  8. i understand. once i added my name/site onto a mr linky not realizing my blog should RELATE to the linked blog. lol.

    learning is fun.