Monday, March 29, 2010


So far we have had a great day here at Casa De La Chaos. I went on a crazy cleaning spree yesterday so things were in good to moderate order around here starting the day off. That helps a lot with the Monday Morning Madness. Its been a beautiful, although cool, day and as soon as we were done with school the kiddos have been outside playing. We will leave in a little while for AHG and Boy Scouts and I know the cats would appreciate it if I stopped by the store and got them some more cat food. There was enough for one cat this morning and the two had to share. They did not like that one bit. The only thing that would have made this day any better would be if Mark had been here.

Some pics from our day.

Fixing Abbie's hair for the day

Matt working on his schoolwork. Look how happy he looks...

Look how excited Tyler is. He's excited because he is getting to go clean out the van!

Tyler teaching me how to play chess (again). And he beat me (again).

My American Jumping Beans

Playing Little People can wear a fellow out

Did you do anything fun today?


  1. Those are great photos of the day!! Hope the rest of your week goes just as successfully!

  2. Isn't it great when you start your week off on a good note?!
    We had a great day too, we ran some arrunds for my husband's business, which may not sound like fun, but it was nice to get out! Then we went to the library this afternoon and played outside for a while...very fun day indeed!

  3. I did nothing fun today - I'm a sick girl.

  4. We took a spontaneous trip to the BEACH this weekend!!! :) Today we drove home! :( Wish we could have stayed longer!! I did not have my toes ready and I thought of you all weekend!! :)