Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Oh, Internet Friends

I have a confession to make.

I am getting in a spring purging mood. As in I want to throw out all my furniture and buy NEW. As in I want to clean out every closet and rid myself of everything in them. I want all NEW clothes. I want to go to a homeschooling convention and buy all NEW curriculum. I want to empty the freezer of everything and fill it with NEW veggies from the yet-to-be-planted garden. But, common sense (and the banking account) will prevail and I won't be doing that.

But there is something I can do. I can paint.

I want to paint. I need to paint. It is "in me" and must be done. Something about picking out a new color feels like "starting over."

This morning I was looking at the walls in our living room and thought, "This room needs painting." And ladies, once I have that thought I cannot get it out of my head. It is there and will stay there until I have moved all the furniture, covered the floors, and painted all night long. Yes, that's what I do. I stay up all night after the kids are in the bed and paint.

I will be looking at the ole calendar later today to pick a painting day and it will be done. Or I might just go completely loopy.


  1. Your not alone in the Spring fever area. I got that "bug"!
    Especially knowing we'll be moving in month and a half. I just want to go through and throw everything out. I'm so tired of looking at the clutter. haha
    Painting does help give the room a make over without changing anything else. So I say go for it!
    Be blessed!

  2. This is good timing; I NEED someone to paint for me lol.

    I love this time of year when we are in the mood to spruce things up. Spring is SO invigorating!

    Happy Projects,


  3. I could have written these exact words!! That is EXACTLY how I feel and alas, my budget also prevents me to do so. I will also be painting next week. . . my house feels dark and dim and I want to brighten it up.

  4. Wow. New furniture sounds like so much less hassle...

  5. You go, girl! and be sure to keep us updated with pictures!!

  6. Hope you get that painting day in soon and make sure you show us some before & after pictures!

  7. You know who to call when you get ready to buy that paint, right? Let me remind you, call our house. Speak to the expert. Get contractor's pricing. Seriously. Call. :)