Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Tuesday Morning

Well, I sat down all prepared to spend forever loading Easter pics so I could show you the three most handsome boys and the most beautiful girl in the history of Easter pics. Unfortunately, I can not find the pictures on my memory card. Hmmmm, sounds like a Sweet Hubby intervention is needed. He can usually come over to the computer, snap his fingers, and this thing will straighten up. Oh, I hope his snapping fingers are working or else I will be crying this morning.

Yesterday's potty-training was a rip-roaring...failure. Not one success. He's a smart kid and he wants to wear his diaper. He does not want to be inconvenienced by frequent potty breaks. He has a busy three-year old life to live and he does not want it to include trips to the bathroom. He wasn't even swayed by the thought of M&M's. But, last night at Publix he was begging for a pack of M&M's. I told him "No way buddy, you can just go home, tee-tee on that potty, and get a M&M." I don't think he was convinced.

It was only the first day, so I really wasn't expecting much, and we'll be back at it again this morning, much to his dismay.

My Abbie was in a children's musical at church Sunday night. She had the role of a servant girl and she played her part beautifully. After the play we all rushed downstairs to get pictures of her in costume, but she had already changed. She had a cast party to go to, after all. (Cookies in one of the Sunday School rooms). She loved doing the musical and I loved watching her.


  1. I bet Abbie was the best one on stage! She is such a sweetie!

  2. Don't they just do that? Change before you get pictures.....
    Shame you don't have good bluebonnets up by you. We got lucky this year with all the rain we've been having, great for bluebonnets, and great for easing drought conditions.

  3. Your Abbie is so sweet! (I love that name, I have a little sister named Abby. And if that name hadn't be taken by my sis I would have used it for one of my girls.)

    Wonderful pictures. :)

  4. Hope your hubby is able to find the Easter pictures!
    I have a feeling that you WILL get at least one success from James today! :)

  5. Uh yeah, hubby better find those Easter pics since SOMEONE thought it would be better to stay at home rather than come eat with the rest of HER FAMILY!

    Hope things go better today with the potty training!

    And Abbie is BOOTIFUL!!!

  6. I hope your hubby finds the Easter pics! I wanna see them!

    Sorry about the potty-training...maybe tomorrow will be better??

  7. Oh my...potty training can be so frustrating! I hope it starts going better for you soon!