Wednesday, May 19, 2010

CICU (Chick Intensive Care Unit)

Right now I have three chicks in my CICU. They are all doing well in their special inside incubator. I check on them about every 30 minutes to make sure the incubator temperature is staying steady at 90 degrees and make sure they are eating and drinking. The outside chicks I just check a couple of time a day(well, about 10) to make sure they have clean water and plenty of food. They are high maintenance for about 4 weeks and then there is very little to do for them. I would love to show you some pics but the memory card isn't working quite right. Interpretation: it is a new memory card and I can't figure it out.

Today I have been blah. Don't know why. Just blah. Nothing was interesting. I even have a new Beverly Lewis book and I can't get into it. I know we all have those days though.

We did school and the kids weeded in the garden some. They are supposed to do two rows a day. I am supposed to remind them. Monday it rained and yesterday I forgot to remind them and they "forgot" to do it. James is doing much better with the potty but he is far from "trained".' He truly has no desire to be trained. It is all a big waste of time to him. Only seven more days of school and then we are off for three weeks. One of those weeks is Vacation Bible School and I have the 1st grade girls so you can just go ahead and stick a fork in me cause I will be DONE when it is over. VBS is a great thing, but it is super-tiring. I predict mornings at VBS and naps at home in the afternoon.

Got anything interesting going on?


  1. Wow, those chicks do sounds high maintenance! Hope they 3 in the CICU get released soon!

    I had one of those "blah" days yesterday, I can never figure out what brings them on.

    Something exciting...we're headed to Atlanta this weekend to celebrate my youngest sister's high school graduation!

  2. A new Beverly Lewis book!?! You've been hiding that one from me!


  3. I didn't know you liked Beverly Lewis also. I LOVE her books. What is the new one?

    I guess the only exciting stuff around here is the girls dance recital this weekend. I am ready for it to be over.