Wednesday, May 12, 2010


Today is a day to be at home ALL DAY. Yeah!!! School, laundry, cleaning, potty-training, rinse and repeat. Potty-training was a great success Monday. Yesterday we were gone most of the day so not so much. Abbie and I are making a new recipe tonight. And I am in a baking mood so we might make some cookies this afternoon.

Our garden is growing! Sunday night we all spent time weeding and it looks really pretty right now. By Saturday it will need it again. But if the weeds are growing the plants will be too. Right?

Our school year is wrapping up and different kiddos have finished several of their books, so we are doing School Lite right now. We will go until the end of May and then take three weeks off. This momma is looking forward to a break and I know the kids are too.

Added: Oh, internet friends, I just had a crushing disappointment. I went outside to do a load of laundry (our washer is in the detached garage) and I saw a little black car with a bright pink logo on it. And the logo was for The Merry Maids. And it slowed down as if looking for my house number. And my heart began to beat quickly and I caught my breath. Could this be the day? The day the Cleaning Fairy arrives? But alas, no, she drove on by. I thought about throwing the laundry down and chasing after her right on down the road. That way I could get my Cleaning Fairy and my daily exercise done all at one time. But, I didn't chase her. I will wait. For one day my Princess will come. And her name will be Millie, the Magic Cleaning Fairy.


  1. So close! Those faries are hard to catch!! Have a great day!

  2. Yay for a successful day of potty training!
    When you do find Millie, send her to my house after she finishes with yours ;)

  3. Just a warning - should you decide to take up chase next time...that cleaning fairy is QUICK! I've chased her a couple times myself and she always slips away - when I'm THIS close!

    Yeah for the end of school - my kids are grown and its still an exciting time of year!!

  4. I needed a good laugh !! I dream of the same fairy. Some day ....