Sunday, July 11, 2010

Randomness with a little bit of more random thrown in for good measure...

Today has not been a very restful Sabbath for me. Last night Abbie started running a fever, a pretty high one, so I knew it was no church for me Sunday morning. I also just found out that she had been exposed to mono so my mind was churning with thoughts of four children with mono for the rest of the summer. As soon as the Doc-in-a-box opened this afternoon we were there. For 2~1/2 hours. Woo-Hoo

Fortunately she does not have mono nor strep throat, but a throat infection. Which sounds like strep throat to me. She is already feeling better and I am so glad because I hate hate hate having sick kiddos. It just breaks my heart.

I also put up more corn today. My hands are hurting from creaming it. All our corn is gone now so I am through with that for another year.

Mark and Matt left for Cub Scout camp today. I almost cried when he left. I do this whenever one of them leaves for overnight. Its not so much the missing them, its the fact that they are old enough to go. Don't they know they are supposed to be toddling around my house and learning to say new words?

I have done three loads of laundry today and have one more to put in the dryer and I will done for the day. Abbie asked me why I don't just have one laundry day and get it all done at one time. I should have told her because God made one day to be 24 hours, not the 47 I would need to get all the laundry done in one day.

Well, I have made it to July without complaining about the heat, but all that is about to change. You know how you forget how much childbirth hurts? I guess I forget how hot it is in Alabama in July. Cause I about passed out at 9:30 AM when I went out to do the first load of laundry. Really, 95 degrees at 9:30 AM.

So, where do you live and how hot is it there? And if you live somewhere where it is 78 degrees year round~can I come and visit until October?


  1. I'm sorry to hear Abbie was sick, but I am glad she is feeling better! (and really glad it's not mono. . .;0)

    Yummy corn!

    I acquired the family canners this weekend (TWO!). You know, the PRESSURE canners that I am so scared to use! Well, I got all pumped about learning how, only to learn you aren't supposed to can on glass smooth top stoves. How 'bout that?

  2. Glad your girlie is feeling better.

    It's supposed to be 90's here this week, in Colorado. But not at 9 am. At 9 am it's usually only around 70 something and then by 9 pm it's usually back to 70 something.

    Try to stay cool!

  3. I agree, it is WAY TOO HOT here! The only place I've visited that is around 78 degrees all year is San Diego, it's a fabulous city, but cost of living is outrageous! Guess there's always a trade off :)

  4. I'm so glad your abbie doesn't have mono! yikes!

    Okay, usually so cal in july is very similar to alabama in july, minus the humidity, but we've been unusually cool so far...i think the warmest it's been since the beginning of this month has been 84! we're LOVING this gorgeous weather! the only downside is it's cloudy and cool at the beach, too cool for little ones to swim in the freezing ocean!
    ps. i'll email you in a bit :)

  5. The heat - it's just too much...

  6. Thanks for not naming us in the start of the great mono epidemic. Sorry again.

  7. I agree about the heat it is MISERABLE. Glad Abbie is feeling better.

  8. Sorry to hear Abbie was sick, and I hope she is feeling better very soon.

    Would it make you feel better to know it was up in the mid-90's here at Philmont this afternoon? It was. I was hot, and I just know my kids didn't drink enough water on their hikes. I'm trying to get them to catch up now.

  9. Glad to hear that Abbie is feeling better - and yes summer has hit here as well. Last week it was 101-106 every day - crazy!! But, alas, I was out of town:) Now the temps are a bit better but the humidity is rotten. If you are looking for relief, its California where you need to be. No joke. My brother moved to Carmel by the Sea - in the 60s every day!! Now that is crazy!!

  10. Poor Abbie!! I hope she feels better soon!!

  11. I suppose that the Pac NW (west of the Cascades) is just about the most perfect place in the lower 48during the summer- we did have a little glitch last week of two 90+ days in a row, now we're back to "normal"- morning clouds, afternoon sun, temps in the low to mid 70's.

    Glad your little Abbie is feeling better, I do notice that children get better faster in the summer.