Friday, August 6, 2010

Friday Linky-A-Loos

What a week. What a past three weeks.

Here's some things I've enjoyed reading lately.

Made me think:

Ministering To The Life Of Your Family, at the Common Room.

I Don't Want My Children To Be Happy, by Missy.

Made me laugh:

Catalog Living (still crackin me up)

Lucky or Blessed? (you really need to see this one, I wasn't sure whether to laugh or cry. Not sure I want to drive anymore either) Thanks Lois!

Since school is starting up soon for so many:

Amazing Handwriting Sheets

Worksheets for any subject-Kelly from Generation Cedar linked to this and it really is a great site.

Do any of you have any great plans for the weekend? I am going to a required homeschool meeting tomorrow. And I am excited! I get to see so many friends and get lots of encouragement to forge ahead with this school year.


  1. No big plans this weekend, just going to a baby shower and helping my sister, who's a teacher, get ready for the school year!

  2. Love that worksheet link. I added that to my "homeschool helps" widget.


  3. I just LOVE the lucky video!!! The kids did too :) I am going to have to link to it from my blog too now... it is so funny!
    I'm having a hysterectomy in a few weeks time, that's what I'm getting ready for... you know, meals in freezer, house clean (hahaha)... At least I will have 5 days of being waited on :)