Saturday, August 21, 2010

Jelly-Making Day

Today was the day to make some jelly. We grow yummy muscadines and they make wonderful jelly. Sweet and tart at the same time. I really enjoy making jelly. It is simple and there is such a feeling of accomplishment when you are done. But, at the end you are Tired with a capital T.
Start with just ripe muscadines.

Add a Sweet Abbie
Add a James who is all boy and turns everything into a weapon

Squeeze the juice out (This is the part everyone wants to do. Surprisingly no one wants to clean up the sticky mess).

End the day with yummy muscadine and peach jelly. And just in time too. We are out from last year.

Come back Monday morning bright and early for a Southern Girl's Giveaway. And you don't have to be a Southern Girl to enter-but I might convince you to become one!


  1. I have a strainer just like yours! It was my Grandmother's. I think she brought to WA with her when they moved up from Oklahoma in the forties. I love it! I've never seen another one like it until now. I don't now what muscadines are though...

  2. Ooh! I hope your giveaway is some jelly! There's nothing more Southern than that. Yum! I need a biscuit! :)

  3. Yummy! I'm with Lianne....I hope you do a little jelly giveaway! Lisa~

  4. Wow, I've never heard of a muscadine?? Do you sell your jelly? I'd be interested in buying a jar :)

  5. I ADOREEEE Muscadines. Yum. I need to go find some now.

  6. We found some muscadine grapes growing in the woods just behind our property line, so I have some on my kitchen counter right now! I need your recipe--or just a jar of your jelly! ;)

    And I do not have a strainer like yours, nor have I ever seen one like that. Only a plain wire mesh kind which rests over about a 12 or 14 inch bowl. I hope that will do.