Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Motherhood 101, Part 3

How To Tell If Your Children Are Up To Something:

~you walk into a room and someone says, "He did it!"
~it is very quite for a long time
~you walk into your child's room to put something away and there is a mad scramble
~a child walks in and asks for a butter knife and some aluminium foil
~a child walks in and asks if keeping a baby possum is okay
~a child walks in and immediately heads to the shower

If you child demonstrates any of these behaviors you can rest assured he is up to something. Occassionally it is something good.


  1. We haven't quite gotten to this stage, but I'll keep these "tips" in mind! :)

  2. That heading straight to the showers thing - especially for the boys - is a dead give away!!

  3. another good sign something's wrong: when you head towards them and they run the other way in a zig-zag pattern.

    It's like the preschool mind can't run straight when they know they're in trouble

  4. One question: are you going to leave your readers hanging like that??? Surely you are going to share the rest of these stories. :)