Thursday, August 12, 2010

Need A New Shirt?

I hope to be able to post some things about our adoption soon. At this time I can't though. And I really want to. It is hard for me not to talk about things I love. And I love adoption.

So, I am super-happy to tell you about my friend Rebekah's upcoming adoption. She has six kiddos, I have four, and three of those were born within six weeks of each other. Confused? We jokingly say we were giving them built-in best friends. We sure didn't plan it that way, but I am so glad God did give our children good friends close to their own age. We secretly may be making marriage-matches, but we are careful not to let the kiddos know that :).

And then came James. He needs a built-in best friend. And God is giving him one. Rebekah and Eric are currently in the process to adopt Hai-Hai, aka Josiah. He is a sweet 2 1/2 year old from China. Right now they are having a T-shirt fundraiser to help with their adoption expenses. You can go here to get some really nice t-shirts. These are not ordinary, "you can just pick one up at Target t-shirts." They are well-made shirts and you have several designs to choose from. You can also go to her blog to see how you can win a prize! You know how I love prizes. :)

I know she would also just love for you to go take a peek at Josiah's picture on her blog. He's a cutie!

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