Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Things That Make This Mom Go Hmmmmm....


I have noticed a startling condition at my house. I'm perplexed by what is going on. I will present the symptoms to you and maybe you can make a mommy diagnosis.

When I tell the children it is time to do their cleaning zones, one or more of these things happen:

~someone suddenly gets a headache
~someone suddenly needs to go check on the outside animals
~someone suddenly needs to go to the bathroom (and they are gone for a verrrry long time)
~someone suddenly needs something out of the van
~someone suddenly can't remember what their zone is and what they are supposed to do in that zone
~someone suddenly becomes very exhausted and feels that they can't get up off the couch, even though they just woke up from a long night's sleep

~someone suddenly becomes very loving and cuddly and just wants to sit and cuddle instead of picking up their toys and putting them back into the toy box

Do you ever have any of these symptoms at your house? And if you do, can you send me a diagnosis and a possible cure?


  1. Oh my goodness!! We are suffering from the same mystery condition over here! I'm not sure what it is called, but it flares up every day and subsides immediately when something fun starts going on. Work? Sick. Fun? Cured. It's a complete mystery.

  2. Dear Puzzled,
    So strange, isn't it? We have bouts of that at our house too... must be catching!

    I'm pretty immune to most of the symptoms except that last one... sudden desire to cuddle... gets me every time!

    A Stalwart Pushover in NE

  3. We have that condition too. I've noticed it can be "cured" by saying they don't have to do the hard thing.

  4. I have the cure. If the zones are not done. NANA is coming to help out.

  5. Diagnosis: Stalling
    Cure: hmmm...not sure about this one, let me know if you find a cure :)

  6. Sometimes, the cure...Add more chores to that persons list! None of my children are ever brave enough to utter this phrase either, "I'm bored!" as it means Momma will take care of that problem, there is always something extra that can be done!!

  7. Rolling on the floor laughing!
    Must be contagious because we have it around here too!

  8. Oooo, your children have infected my children! They do that, too!

    As a matter of fact dear newly 3 year old son just took about 30 VHS videos out of their cases and dumped them on the floor when I just placed almost all the videos into cases to them back in an orderly fashion. I took a breather for a couple of minutes down here but also came looking for a couple of boxes to box up some videos. To. Go. Away. Now.

  9. yes, today was cleaning day in our house and we had lots of "I am tired" or "I need a nap" - uttered by the child who refuses to nap anymore, and many "I can't do this anymore".... hmm must be a serious epidemic!