Thursday, December 23, 2010

A Christmas Meme....

The same as last year. Its all still applicable. If you do this let me know!

I have a moment on Christmas Eve when I leave all the family and sneak outside. It is my moment to say thank you to God for Christmas and Easter and the perfect Life He lived.

I hope you can find a moment this Christmas weekend.

Edited to Add: Dear Sweet Aunt Mollie, I am sure the children will be thoroughly delighted with the presents you sent. They had so much fun opening the box and pulling out all the beautifully wrapped gifts. They had a great time shaking each and every gift over and over and over and discussing between themselves what they could possibly be.

And then James had an equally delightful time jumping into the box and throwing the white sytofoam peanuts all over my clean and ready for Christmas Day living room. And then pulling the box throughout the house throwing them and yelling, "Snow! Snow!"

Thank you Aunt Mollie. I'll see you next week when you stay at my house. And I will be thinking and plotting my plan for revenge all this week.

Just kidding, you know I love you. The kids really are super-excited! Will miss you guys this Christmas Day. See you next weekend though!!!!!!


  1. Still a good Christmas post. :) (I went back and re-read it.)

    Have a very merry Christmas in your household, too, Mama Hen!

  2. Yes, me, too. Give me egg nog or hot chocolate, or gie me both!!!

    (And today give me Gatorade for my kiddos. Yep, you guessed it. :-(

  3. Merry Christmas to you and your family! Thanks for stopping by my site and supporting me! That is such a bummer that you didn't receive your grand prize and the blogger isn't blogging anymore! Here's to you winning even more this coming year! :)

  4. Ha! I hope Aunt Molly held up well under your revenge.

    I also hope your Christmas was Merry and bright.