Saturday, December 18, 2010

What a man, what a man (and kiddos too)...

Okay, IF I EVER proceed to ToysRUs on the Saturday before Christmas~~you have my permission to come to my house and slap me silly. And I'm not kidding.

This morning I set out bright and early to do our shopping for the kiddos. Mark and I usually go together, have a nice dinner together, and then divide and conquer in the stores. It just wasn't going to work out this year so we decided Mark would stay home with the kiddos and I would go it alone.

Ya'll, it was crazy. I went from either being mad that this is what Christmas is~just a bunch of gifts and spending money that could be spent on something more worthy. To being excited I was finding the gift I was looking for, and then anxiety-ridden as I worried about the gifts I could not find and could not even think of what to get a certain child in my household who is the HARDEST child ever to buy for. To feeling all claustrophobic as more and more people tried to get down the little aisles with buggies loaded to overflowing.

Every year I vow not to do this anymore. And I hate it that I do it over and over again. There has got to be a better way.

Okay, end of complaining.

After the shopping I was tired, grouchy, and my foot hurt. (I tripped over the cat the other day and hurt my foot). Walking a lot did not help. I was dreading coming home (not to the family, but to the mess). And lo and behold my family had given me the best gift ever. My hubby knows me so well and he knew how I feel when things are out of control in the house.

He and the kids worked the whole time I was gone and my house looks awesome! Will someone please come visit me tonight? Please? I need this to be documented. They scrubbed, they moved furniture and cleaned out from under it. Mark even mopped!!!!! Words can't even do it justice to how clean it is.

Abbie cleaned the kitchen like nobody's business. She even got an old toothbrush and scrubbed the edges of the kitchen. Mark scrubbed the stove so hard it scrubbed the numbers off my stove dials. But I'm not complaining. The boys worked so hard too. It looks so good I don't want to do anything but sit and look.

But, I'm off to find something super-special to fix my man for supper tonight. And he might get some smooches too!


  1. That's awesome!!! I bet your house feels just heavenly right now!

    And yes, I don't envy your Toys R Us trip. Eek.

  2. What a great Christmas present!!! Way to go Mark!

    Girl, there is a better way. It's called online shopping.

  3. I'm coming to visit... at least I would if I could! You really shouldn't go shopping so close to Christmas you know.. I shall try to remind you next year :)

  4. I cannot stand it! And when the schools let out, it's really bad for those 2 weeks! We try not to get out at all. This year DH got a Amazon certificate at work in Sept., so our kids Christmas stuff was easy and FREE!....I am so thankful for both.

  5. I'd visit you if I was close enough and it wasn't already 10.......

  6. I am sooo impressed. And perhaps just a tad jealous. I would feel great if my family cleaned that hard in my house! Wow! That is a really great Christmas present!

  7. What were you thinking?!

    What a guy!

  8. How nice that your hubby and kiddos cleaned the house for you. I might have to let mine read this - hint, hint.
    I was crazy enough to venture out yesterday morning - what a nightmare. Can't even imagine what toys-r-us must have been like.

  9. I avoid that particular store just as I avoid a certain mart that has "w"! I prefer web shopping or small specialty toy stores- unfortunately.... I think I'm going to be making a trip to the backwards "R" store next week- I'll go during the day or go near closing time.

    I love the way you write, I feel like we've just sat down for a coffee and your telling me a story!!

  10. How awesome of Mark and the kids! That would make me want to go back and try it again next week! ;-)

  11. I think Toys R Us is crazy from the day after Thanksgiving until Christmas, I've been there twice this month & couldn't believe how many people were there!

  12. Just wanted to wish you a Merry Christmas! I've missed you and your chicks this fall. We're moving two days after Christmas, so its crazier than ever here! Much love!