Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Self-Esteem Issues

Do you know someone in your life who has self-esteem issues? Or do you struggle with this yourself?

I am here to help. Don't waste your money on seminars or self-help or self-love books. Don't follow the talk-show gurus and their nonsense.

MamaHen will help you with two easy steps. Here you go:

1) Get you a very cute precious little four year old. If he has reddish-blond hair and bright blue eyes it will be even better. And if he has a sprinkling of freckles across his noise you are in business. (The picture below is the perfect example. But you can't have him-he is mine!)

2) Teach him this:
You say: "James (insert your own four year old's name), you are so handsome!"

He says: "Momma, you are so skinny!"

And then both of you hug and kiss and laugh together at how clever both of you are.

There you go. Two easy steps.

Now, how come I'm not rolling in the big bucks?

Thanks to Lisa at The Pennington Point who mentioned this on her blog and I followed her advice. So I guess she should get all the big money. It really works! :)


  1. Can you just get him to call me every so often and tell me I'm skinny?

  2. Oh, I need someone to tell me I'm skinny, too! ;) Actually, I do have a child who likes to say how much she likes your shirt, your hair, etc. She is such a flatterer, just like your James! :)

  3. What a cutie.

    I have an almost four year old and he needs to stop growing or we'll have to try for more;)

  4. I love it!!! Can I give him my phone number? He could also tell me that I'm a fantastic housekeeper.

  5. Oh that IS brilliant!! I'm off to teach Ali all SORTS of wonderful responses to me!! :)

  6. How adorable! I need to start working on this with my 2 almost 3 year old!
    I am new to your blog - found it through Alabama Bloggers! I am a new blogger and excited to meet more local bloggers!

  7. I absolutely LOVE your blog - especially this post! What a cute little guy! I just discovered your blog today from Alabama Bloggers!

    I just moved to Alabama from Miami, Florida and I have a blog about it!
    Check it out!

    :) Alli @ Sweet (New) Home, Alabama

  8. Thanks for your encouraging comment :) Meant a lot!

    ...and such a sweetie pie you have featured here :)

  9. I love it! Everyone needs a toddler around. They definitely kill the self-esteem issues. Lisa~

  10. Thanks for the tip, I could use some encouragement in that department these days...I hate when I get to the point in pregnancy when my maternity clothes don't even fit :)

  11. Oh, what a grand idea!! Do you think the 12 and up crowd could be trained for such dialogue?? :) (He is totally precious, by the way!)

  12. You are absoulutely HILARIOUS!! i feel the same way about bathrooms and if i get mine cleaned 2x in the same month i am feeling all Martha!!
    drunk cat?!? crazy..... mmmm cobbler. LOVE thrift stores - how theraputic!! Sounds like a lot of good going ons for you :-) Blessings!

  13. oops! meant to comment that on your latest post........