Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Does Anybody...

Does anybody remember well-child doctor visits? I don't.

1. The sickness continues. I am better, but not well. I went in to the doctor Saturday morning and was diagnosed with bronchitis and was severely dehydrated. They mentioned IV's, I lost it (am scared of IV's, just one of those irrational fears), and had to call Mark to come. It was horrible, as one vein collapsed and the other one they tried would not work for some reason. They finally gave up on that arm and began talks of "other places." I assured them that if I had tears I was okay enough to go home and drink fluids there. I think they were just tired of dealing with me and I got to go home. Where I slept for pretty much two days. Mark stayed home yesterday and my mom is coming today. I am feeling better, but I am not going to turn down my mom coming. She can whip this place into shape like nobody's business.

2. James has an ear infection. I took him to the doctor (along with all the other mothers in my small town) and probably infected lots of other people with all my coughing. Thankfully ear infections are usually easily cured, but the way things are going I am not too hopeful.

3. Tyler is still running a fever off and on, but no other symptoms.

4. Mark has held it all together even while being sick with sinus stuff himself. Ladies, if you have a good man, tell him so everyday!!!!


  1. I'm so sorry you all have been sick for so long! Have you considered alternative remedies?

    Check out this site;)


  2. you poor thing!!! you rest and sleep and rest some more! praying for a quick recovery for your whole clan!

  3. I saw I won the magazines - Yeah !!

    Hope you all get to feeling better, we're getting over strep at our house. YUCK !

  4. Umm... I need y'all to get better. Makes me sad :(

    By the way, you're at 99 followers!

  5. We are down with the lingering illness too. Not just us either, the babies we watch, they have it- it's running rampent in our area. So far we've made it without a visit to the Doc- I only go/take people when absolutely neccessary, so far we aren't there yet.

    Hang in there, I remember those days when the children were younger, we'd be ill for months at a time, summer never came fast enough. You see her in WA the cold season runs from like Sept through the first of July. We only have a couple months of really warm and dry weather.

  6. Oh no, I'm so sorry you've been sick for so long now. Wishing you and your family the best, get well soon!

  7. What a rough winter for you guys, I know you are ready for some warm weather to get rid of all this sickness!

  8. Oh my!!! I hope y'all feel better really soon!!