Friday, February 11, 2011

Goings Ons...

Mark said I need to have a new topic of conversation-something other than the weather and our sicknesses. Ahhh, the pressure!

~Abbie told me this morning that Math would be a lot better if there was no long division.

~Matt has convinced James he needs a Pet Rock. He set up a little box for him and they picked out the perfect rock. Cause that's all I need-something NOT ALIVE to take care of.

~Abbie's violen is going well. She is really improving and I bet if we could get well enough to actually go to the lessons on a consistent basis she might really take off.

~Tyler and Matt are going camping with the Scouts this weekend. Why do they do this when it is so cold? I just don't understand. I was going to tackle the boy's closet and room this weekend, but with my bronchitis in mind I am going to lay low this weekend. That's my excuse anyway.

~Okay, two down with Math today and one more to go.

~My Tyler is turning into a young man right before my eyes. It's wonderful and sad at the same time. He was such an adorable baby and precious child. (Never mind they years between two and five, I had no idea what to do with the child, wasn't his fault, totally mine).

~Matt has had his hands full with Cookie the rabbit. Cookie does not like to stay in her pen. She is a wandering gal-rabbit and with all the hawks around here this does not bode well for her.

~James just came to me and told me he was going to build an igloo. And all he needed was four blocks of snow. He has his little plastic shovel in his hand and is ready to go pack the leftover snow. And he calls it an "agloo" and it is adorable. At least it will keep him busy for awhile.

Well, that's all. I thought I would leave you with this from The Inspired Room. I have a wall I am working on and yep, I'm going to "Put A Bird On It"

HT to Hooked on Houses.


  1. Thanks for updating me with something other than your sickness and the weather! he, he, he...

  2. I totally agree about the long division. What IS the point?

  3. Sounds like everything over there is just plodding along as usual... and strangely enough, I enjoyed long division... there is something wrong with me, I know..



  4. I'm so sorry you've got the crud at your house. At least you're still getting math done! Get some rest today and maybe you'll be better with the weather change this week. Lisa~

  5. By the way, I just gave you a blog award. Lisa~

  6. I hope you and your kiddos are feeling better this week! My hubby is the only one with the crud right now. I hope the rest of us don't get it!! It's funny that you mentioned your hubby's comment on talking about something other than sickness. Just this morning I told mine that I understand why old folks only talk about how bad they feel all the time. I'll be 40 tomorrow, and I'm really beginning to tell that this body isn't holding up like it used to!