Tuesday, February 15, 2011

My Morning So Far...

So this morning, two of out my four woke up on the wrong side of the bed. As in seriously grouchy.

And then we had a stopped up toilet that overflowed. Fun times.

Someone has already cried and I have already lost my temper.

James has already gotten covered in mud and has been sent back to his bed for yelling back at mommy.

Matt came and just told me we are out of chicken and rabbit food which necessitates a trip to the feed store when I thought we would be staying home all day. No big deal really, but, you know how MamaHen doesn't like her plans messed up.

On the upside I found a dollar in the washing machine. And the washing machine works! And a working washing machine covers a multitude of yuckiness.

How is your Tuesday morning going?


  1. we went from three healthy children and a healthy mommy yesterday morning to one very sick Ava, a coughing chloe and a runny nose silas by this morning. and I had a sore throat yesterday, drank some airborn last night and now i'm fine. just made the girls drink airborn and will feed them oranges all day. gave buddy a steamy shower with me and he seems much happier now too. hopefully this will pass as quickly as it came on!

  2. Want to come battle Blue Cross for me, it would make your day complet.
    I am on load #7 in the washing machne, how bout you?
    OH--but I got to go to the thrift store and got Passion and Purity for .99!

  3. Sending you a bit of morning (((hugs)))....maybe that $1 will buy you a strong cup of flavored coffee to carry you through the morning.

  4. That was our yesterday morning...minus the chicken and rabbit problems!

  5. Wendy, I'm so sorry you had such a stinky morning, but you have no idea the comfort it gives me to know it's not just me! Hope your day gets better.

  6. Hope your Tuesday afternoon is going better than your morning!
    I always love finding money when I'm doing the laundry, one time I found a $20 in my husband's pocket & felt like I hit the jackpot! :)