Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Passing the bug along...

Well, I was going to post some pictures of my newest Boy Scout, but we are having technical problems here at the ole Clark House. Technical problems basically means I have no idea how to fix the computer. The blog will work, but all my email addresses have been erased. My pictures are still on the computer, but Mark said not to access them until he can back it all up. So, all that to say, pictures to come. And Kimberly, so so sorry, but all my email stuff is either gone or can't be brought up right now. Hopefully Mark can work on it soon. But, can you send me your address one more time? So sorry. My address is clarksrfun at gmail dot com.

James is over the bug and seems to be no worse for the wear. Tyler and Matt both started throwing up last night though. Hopefully there's will be quick like James' was.

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  1. I will get to you soon via email with my info... Don't worry, take care!!!