Monday, March 7, 2011

This and That Monday...

Well, we had another busy weekend. Abbie had a long choir practice, a AHG Father-Daughter dance, and then two choir performances Sunday morning. She had fun, but when it was all over she was tired, tired.
Also, we had some very sad news Saturday. Rebekah's father passed away Saturday morning. Tonight is the visitation and tomorrow is the funeral so we are going to go stay at my mom's tonight because of the drive. So we will clean and pack this morning, get school plans in order, and then head out to the plastic surgeon to hopefully get Tyler's stitches out. He is healing very nicely.
We are on week five of our Foster-Care Classes and are learning a lot. If you live in Alabama and are ever interested in foster care for foster-to-adopt, shoot me an email. The people we are working with are wonderful
Speaking of fostering, sort-of, the feed store is getting in new baby chicks Thursday. We have a chicken that I think is gone broody and I am wondering if she might "adopt" the chicks as her own and take care of them. And then I won't have to! Does anyone have any experience with this and could offer any tips?
Well, I better get busy. If you think about Rebekah today please pray for her and her family. They are going to have a long two days.


  1. COuld I get Rebekah's adderss to send a card?
    Also let me know about the hen's willingness to adopt.

  2. One of my Mom's chickens adopted another chicken's EGGS and then raise them, but I don't know that she's ever had one adopt already-hatched chicks...

  3. God bless as you attend the funeral - and comfort your friend.

  4. sounds like a lot going on over there!! A father daughter dance - for fun!! God grace you as you continue in all those endeavors :-)