Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Wednesday Afternoon

In every family you have your up times and your down times. Your happy times, your stressful times. Different seasons which can throw you for a loop. We are having one of those seasons right now.

We have been sick a lot more than we ever have. For example, James is four years old and just had his first ear infection this winter. Two rounds of the flu, stomach bugs, strep throat, and that's just what I can remember right now. I know there has been more.

We have had some extended family stuff going on that is no fun. Draining.

Saturday morning I had to have the cat I have had for 16 years put to sleep. I really used to think I loved Kitty, but then I had kiddos and realized I had no idea what I was thinking, but I really liked Kitty. He was my constant companion when we lived in North Carolina and Mark worked all the time. I was very sick with morning sickness and could not do anything. Kitty kept me company. So it was a little sad for me.

And then, Saturday mid-morning, Tyler had an accident working in the yard. Mark rushed him to the doctor and he ended up with stitches on his face. My nerves (and the rest of my family's) were shot. Tyler was very calm about it all though. I wasn't. It was a pretty horrible thing, but I know it could have much worse. They stitched him up and we went to a plastic surgeon Monday. It looks like he is not going to have to have any kind of surgery, which was a very real possibility, so that was a big relief. We will probably know more in about six months as far as scarring goes.

We are all together at the end of the day though and that is the good stuff. Hopefully I'll be back soon with some funny/good/encouraging news. Right now we are all just tired and worn out here.


  1. THAT is the PERFECT place for an awesome scar. He will automatically be THE manliest man in the room for the rest of his life.

  2. I bet that was scarry, so happy he is OK!
    We have also had more sickness than ever this year, I like Abbie's idea.

  3. So glad my precious Tyler is ok. Y'all need to get it together - no more sickness or accidents!

  4. I second Mrs. Jennifer's comment:P

    We had a season like this last spring. I'll be praying for you guys.

  5. Oh that is the perfect place for a scar........

    My boys only get scars right in their hairline. But, he's old enough it'll make a super impressive story to his first girlfriend :). Which will be in about 30 years when you think he's ready for dating.

    Tell the sickness bugs to go away and don't come back.

  6. Prayers for healing, I'll bet that was scary- It's been a "sickly" winter for us too.

  7. I'm so sorry. I totally know where you are - I'm kinda there, too. I think newborn-lack-of-sleep is really catching up to me in a bad way..

    I hope y'all get well soon!!

  8. Spring is just a couple of weeks away, hoping that it is a much more relaxing, sick free & injury free season for your family!

  9. we will walk with God together through these challenges :-) Thank God for God!! He is faithful :-) Its also the time we grow...............