Monday, May 9, 2011

The Garden Is In (well, almost)


Today I am linking up at The Homestead Barn Hop at Homestead Revival.

Saturday Mark finished tilling our garden. Whew! He had a job, that's for sure. I supported him in his hard job by sitting in my swing and blowing kisses when he looked my way.

Just kidding. Well, I did do a little of that. I mean, if you are going to have a good-looking husband you might as well sit and watch him while he works, right?

While he was tilling I did normal house stuff and Abbie and I went and purchased the plants and seeds we needed. I had unusual self-control when we walked into the feed store. They had just gotten an order in of fluffy chicks. And I did not buy even one! Mainly because our teenage chicks are eating us out of house and home and not supplying a single egg. Hmmmm, sounds like some boys I know.

Again, just kidding. Well, not about the eating us out of house and home. They are doing that. But, those boys worked hard this weekend. While Mark was tilling they did all kinds of yard stuff and then after church yesterday they pretty much put the garden in themselves. I helped plant, but they did lots of the "hard work" Mark tilled the pepper bed and we planted until we literally ran out of room.

We have got to find a place to put our canteloupes and then we will be done!


  1. I love how much room you have for such a big, amazing garden! We worked on ours this weekend, too, and I'm just getting ready to go take and post pictures! It sounds like you had a lovely mother's day weekend!

  2. I am excited to get the rest of our garden in, too! We have a friend who is letting us borrow a section of his land to put in the remainder of our garden since our yard presents a challenging gardening situation!

  3. It looks wonderful!

    We're still waiting for the ground to dry out:(

  4. So great! I may link to this too! Fun!

    LOVE the pics!!

  5. Love the picture of the kids with shovel and hoe!! Made me smile :-)

  6. Poor kid. I thought when you said "till," it was a machine. What a hard worker you have!

    Cant wait to see the garden's abundance throughout the season!

    You have such a beautiful family.