Friday, May 6, 2011

The Homeschool Mother's Journal

The <span class=Homeschool Mother's Journal">

1. In my life this week...

I'll just be honest, its been a really yucky week here at my house. I can't really go into the details, but its been hard. After the storms last week everything has been off kilter and I can't quite get back into the groove of whatever normal is. I feel guilty for my life being back to normal (although I know that isn't rational) when so many people have lost everything. There have been some other adoption-related things Mark and I are having to make big decisions about. Let me tell you, this is exhausting, mentally and spiritually.

2. In our homeschool this week...

It has been very scattered. But we are moving ahead. Matt and Abbie finished their science curriculum. Tyler finished his Civics book. Abbie started converting measures in Math this week and no one cried. She just picked it right up!

3. My favorite thing this week...

We have nothing planned this weekend, but getting our garden planted. It is so rare that we have nowhere to go for the whole weekend. Just church!
Oh, and James seeing the stuffed animals at the museum. He was amazed and so excited. His little mind was so busy trying to take it all in.

4. Places we've been...

On Tuesday we went to the Anniston Natural History Museum with our co-op group. After that we went to Wright Dairy Farm and got some fresh milk. Thursday was our last day of Community Bible Study for this year. We also had violin and guitar lessons.

5. A favorite quote to share...

"It's not plausible!" -- James, age 4

Abbie and James were playing Mythbusters yesterday and I heard this in passing.


  1. I hope things get better for you. I'll be thinking of you.

  2. I'd been feeling down with all the grey, cloudy, rainy, cool days we experienced during April- It didn't help that we were all so sick durning that month too. It really threw me off, by in turn the household too. Then the storms happened down your way, that gave me a fresh perspective, and a reminder to be grateful for what I have, instead of being the debbie downer I was being.

    It can be hard to transition back to a better flow- it will happen, just give it some time!

  3. Plausible... really? I think that just proves he's brilliant.

  4. I LOVE the use of plausible! :D

  5. Nothing like Mythbusters vocabulary! I love that we are on a conquest to prove t.v. IS educational!!

    When you said "stuffed animals" I was thinking, "a stuffed animal exhibit??" as in cute cuddly little stuffed animals that they sleep with. Oh well.

  6. Converting metrics? Abbie must be a genius....or I am really dumb. I even made it thru college chemistry, and metrics still blow my mind.
    I pray that the yucky part of your week got better, or got guidance, direction, and peace.

  7. No wonder you were on my mind last week! You are going through a lot. I am praying for you my sweet friend. Lisa~

  8. oops, I mean no 5, hee hee :)

  9. Things have seemed really off kilter lately, since the tornadoes, haven't they?

    I am looking forward to planting the rest of our garden, too. My beans are up and looking nice, the tomatoes are looking okay, so are the peppers and the cucumbers are up. Okra is just now coming up.

    We have a bunch more to plant now, though!