Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Hammock Justification....

So, I thoroughly enjoyed my Sunday afternoon hammock time. So much I have decided I might need to make a list to justify the time spent in it. This is what I have come up with so far. Feel free to add any of your ideas. I have a feeling I need this list to be as long as possible.

1. Forget homeschool-we are going to go to "Hammock School" Each of the kids will have their own personal hammock. When they need a school question answered they can just lift their heads over the sides and ask me. I don't think five hammocks in a row will look too ridiculous in the back yard, do you?

2. I will still be able to kiss Mark goodbye on his way to work. He will just need to make a little detour as he walks out to his truck each morning. He can lean over, give me a big smooch, and he might as well bring me another cup of hot coffee while he is at it, right?

3. Supervise-After all, isn't this what mom's do best? Mark is always telling me I need to delegate more chores to the kids. I need to be an obedient wife, yes?????

4. Teach James to read-Teaching phonics shouldn't be too hard from a hammock.

"Look James. A leaf. Leaf starts with L. Let's say L together, l,l,l. Yeah! You are so smart. Now, lets cuddle up together and rest our brains with a nice nap."

5. Kiss Mark as he comes home from work. It might be a little warm by then so he will need to bring cold sweet tea this time.

Got anymore for me?

By the way, today is Mrs. Jennifer's birthday! She is celebrating by using her electricity again! YEAH!!!! Mrs. Jennifer was just a young tike of 15 or 16 when Mark and I got married. And now she is a beautiful young woman with a beautiful daughter of her own (and her hubby is a pretty good guy too). I am so glad she is my niece and my friend!


  1. Ummm, get your lazy self out of the hammock and --- can you tell I'm jealous?

  2. Number Three? That right there is reason enough!

  3. I love Hammock time! I think your ideas are great. We will start today using your examples :-)

  4. Lovin' your hammock ideas...

  5. Now you'll have to get Mark to buy you a laptop so you can blog from your hammock. That would be perfection.