Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Somewhat Recovered....

Well, you haven't traveled until you have traveled 1, 664.3 miles in a mini-van with four children, a hubby, and lots of luggage and fishing paraphernalia.

Why so far MamaHen?

1. We got to see some of Mark's family we hardly ever get to see.
2. We had a free beach house for a week!

Mark's brother and sweet sister-in-law invited us to come to their beach house for the week and even though it was a very long drive it was all worth it. I am not a beach fan and I actually enjoyed it. Even relaxed a little. Have I ever told you that one summer in college I lived at the beach for three months and only went to the actual beach three times other than the required two hour Saturday mornings visits? Mark went several other times for summer trips and he says he went to the beach two or three times a day. He would live at the beach if he could. All I can think is...the sand, dealing with all the sand all the time. Uuugggggg......

We had a wonderful time and are so thankful for Hugh and Trish's generosity and hospitality.

Oh, and a huge shout-out to my niece and great-niece, Mrs Jennifer and FavCousin. They took care of all our various and assorted animals while we were gone. And she was still speaking to me when I got back.


  1. That's nothin' try 6500 miles, 18 days, 5 kidlets and a husband!

    There are two types of people in this world... Beach people and mountain people. My Hubby and I are both beach people, raising beach children- We could live there!

    Sounds like a great trip, welcome back to the grind!

  2. Are you kidding?? It was the most fun thing we did each day...that is such a sad thing to say...

  3. Each year we take 2 weeks and go to OBX. I live for those 2 weeks. Of course, I can't go in the sun without bursting into flames but still, the sound of the waves hitting the beach, the fishing, the crabbing, it makes it worth it!

  4. Sounds SOOO fun...and exhausting!

  5. I was wondering where you were last week. ;) Glad you all had fun at the beach!

  6. I didn't know you went on beach project. I was going to, but it would have delayed my graduation a year, because of pre-requisites I had to take that summer. I did go and visit friends thought an BP. I would move to the beach in a heartbeat, we even visited and talked about it a few years ago when a power co job was available. I do not, however, like the lack of modesty that comes with the package.