Saturday, June 18, 2011


This afternoon my sweet hubby and my two big boys will be home from summer camp. Woo-Hoo! It has been a long week here without them.

I have been taking care of the animals and the garden while they were gone and hello, I need my labor back please. Abbie hasn't been much help because of her busy social calendar, good gracious, her spend-the-nights and playtimes with friends are wearing me out. We did get to visit with Rebekah Tuesday. And I haven't cooked all week. We have been eating cereal and oatmeal most of the week. Yep, but no one has been complaining. Its too hot to cook anyway.

So it has been mostly James and I here. He misses his siblings and we have read more books this week than his whole little life put together. He has also been sleeping with me every night because he is scared to sleep in his room without the boys. Evidently he likes to sleep sideways with his feet in my back. And he must dream every night about riding a bicycle because he "peddles" against my back all night long. I would move him, fall back asleep, wake, and then move him again.

I do love waking up and then watching him sleep. Call me crazy, but I even love his little four year old bad breath in the morning. Sometimes he snores and I think, "Even his snores are adorable."

Today we are meeting all my family at my granddaddy's house for Father's Day lunch. Well, almost everybody. And then, when I come home, my men should be here!


  1. Ah, it will be nice to have your men back so that you don't need to do their chores anymore! I sometimes wonder what I will do when Daniel leaves home... which is probably not so far away... he is such a useful young man :)

  2. My son left for summer camp yesterday. It is quieter around here now! ;) Glad yours had fun--even though it means extra laundry. ;)