Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Matt had a little turtle....

His name was Tiny Tim...

We have a new animal in our little petting zoo here at Clark Acres. Meet Tim, the Turtle.

I am happy to report that Tim the Turtle has been very low maintenance for me and all that has been required is 462 trips to PetSmart to outfit this reptile in the proper turtle habitat. All of my opinions that he would be living just fine in the wild if we had not found him and therefore he does not need deluxe accommodations have been met with looks of despair as he worries that the water temperature will not be right unless we buy a $10 thermometer to help regulate the temperature. And just so you know, he pays for the stuff for his animals. MamaHen and PappaRooster pay for the children and animals that can produce eggs. That we can eat.

In some sad news in our little animal world; we lost Cookie, our female rabbit, and Pearl, our special chicken, to the neighbor's dog. It wasn't as tragic as I thought it was going to be, but it was sad.

Off to the second day of VBS. I am the child-herder for the five year olds and yesterday the biggest concern was who was going to be the line leader this time. I love me some preschoolers!


  1. Tim the turtle love it! I'm partial to the name (somewhere here has it...not the turtle part).

    VBS..woo hoo! Have a great day.

  2. I have to say, Tim is pretty cute. We also enjoyed watching him rip the head off of grasshoppers. It's sick, I know, but entertaining nonetheless.

  3. I wanna be in front and hold the door!!!!!

    Matt needs to trap that dog and remove it to the humane society. You can leave the neighbors a nice note, "dear neighbors, your dog has been wantonly destroying our food crops and pets. As you have failed to control it, we have done so. You can pick it up at SPCA for a fee, but they will require you to keep it contained. Love, the Clarks."

  4. Yay for you VBS volunteers. I get teary eyed in appreciation when I drop my kids off at VBS because I am so thankful. Seriously. My kids are going to one in July out here in Cali.