Sunday, July 24, 2011

Okay, its Sunday which should be a day of rest here (and everywhere by the way), but instead I have been cutting peaches and tomatoes for the freezer. And Abbie has been tackling the figs. The boys and Mark have been pulling corn and I have two big containers sitting on my counter right now ready for me to do something with it. I love sweet corn though, and I will really love it this winter!

Yesterday was one of those days we will all be able to laugh about in about three years. If you were involved I know you understand. That's all I can really say about that now. Let's just say, its good to have good friends...

I was awake very early this morning, which explains why I am struggling to stay awake now, but I read this. You don't have to be a homeschooling mom, or even a wife or mother to enjoy it. And shout "Yes!" Why do we women compare ourselves to others so much? When the only person we need to look to is Jesus? Am I striving to be more like Jesus? Or more like Mrs. So and So? Why do we put demands and commands on ourselves that God didn't? If God Himself didn't command it why am I worried about it? This balance of living here on earth, but being made for something so much more, is hard, isn't it?

This coming week looks to be pretty busy here at my Little House, but its also my three year blogging anniversary. So I have a prize for you! Hope you will check in this week to check it out.

Oh, I put a Good Reading page up at the top of my blog. I wanted a place to put all these wonderful posts I keep reading. I need a good name for the page though. Any ideas?


  1. OK I just followed your link, and that was great! Such fabulous, no-nonsense advice! (the kind I like ;) Really liked the part about couponing. . . .;)

    (But don't get any ideas about nixing the best friend morning phone calls. . . .Those are just plain therapies.)

  2. Don't worry Rebekah, I read that and thought, "Well those can't go!"

  3. I hope my weekend is one I can laugh about at some point... one can always hope.