Friday, July 22, 2011

Ode to the Deliciousness...

Ode to the Deliciousness that is called Chick-Fil-A's Peach Shake

by MamaHen

Cold, creamy, peachy--
You just really have to have one.

The End.

Yep, I've been out of the loop for two weeks and this is all I have come up with.

The hot lazy days of summer are here and I am trying to breathe while I can before the garden gets ripe all at once. And the pears. Oh, the pears... (I am very grateful to have this problem though, I just have to whine every once in a while or Mark starts to wonder if I'm feeling okay.)

Today its supposed to get close to 100 degrees. Grab yourself a peach shake (really, after you have Chick-fil-A's, nothing else can even compare), find some air-conditioning (I prefer to go with the stand over the vent method), and try to cool off for a minute.

I'm off to pick green beans and then back inside to snap them in the air-conditioning. Part of me wants to do it on the front porch like my grandmother did, but then part of me knows she would have been sitting inside in the bought air if she had the opportunity. That's what I'm telling myself anyway.


  1. Yep - it is supposed to be a triple digit day here, too!! And that whole Chick-Fil A milkshake is sounding mighty tempting:)

  2. Would so indulge in a Chick-Fil A milkshake if one was close by. ;) Nearest one to me is 45 min. away, but hey...I'm just glad we have one up here.

  3. I've never tried the peach - I loved the Banana Pudding one, though. I'm kind of a purist with my peaches - sorbet, yes. But don't mix milk in.

    However, you make it sound pretty good...

  4. I love, love, love chick-fil-a's milk shakes, but haven't tried the peach on yet. The winter Peppermint one is my favorite & cookies n creme is a close second :)
    I'll have to try the peach one soon!

  5. It is miserably hot. I had the back door opened one night this week for about a minute to watch the rain and Jay said I was letting the "bought" air out.

  6. Your garden sounds like it is doing so well this year, Mama Hen! I think we're going to be making compost and enriching our bought top soil before we plant seeds again next spring, because so far we've only picked 3 green beans from all the green bean plants we planted. :( I'm glad you're enjoying your produce, though. :)

  7. I have NEVER craved the air before like I do this summer. But Cathedral Caverns yesterday was even better than the bought air. Oh yeah, it was bought! ;)

  8. Those are incredibly delicious shakes! Made even better over here because a FREE COUPON for one came in the mail!!!