Wednesday, July 6, 2011

Okay, you know that old saying that says something like "Lightening doesn't strike twice."

Well, they were wrong.

On the Fourth of July we celebrated our country's independence and also celebrated our family's independence from the phone, the router, and the modem. Along with our dryer, my in-law's computer, and all their phone stuff. And it seems to be a lingering effect because everytime we try to use an appliance, its a game, "Will it or will it not work?" Its not a funny game though. Not even a little bit.

And if someone can tell me why my house is so attracted to lightening strikes I would be very thankful.

Somehow the internet is working now even though our phone isn't. I am assuming I am getting it from a neighbor's house who was fortunate enough NOT to get hit by lightening. So, I may or may not be back for who knows when. I have made calls to the phone company and was told they would be by my house by SATURDAY, JULY 9 at 8:00 PM. Not vague at all is it?

But I wanted to write this down before I forget. This morning we were reading History and I was reading about how the colonists started the tobacco plantations in Virginia and how the slave trade made the plantations grow bigger and yada, yada, yada. I thought they were really paying attention because they were being unusually still.

Right in the middle of my little lecture/reading scenario Matt raises his hand. I'll just repeat verbatim what was said...

Me: "Okay Matt, what is your question." (I am secretly thinking about how he is going to be a brilliant whatever he turns out to be, yada, yada, yada).

Matt: "Mom, if Burger King and Dairy Queen got married would they form an American Fast Food Monarchy?

Me: (Deep Sigh) "Okay, history is over, go do your math."


  1. Oh that is great! What Matt said, not the lightning/appliance problem... PS if you are especially persistant, the phone company, can come out sooner.

  2. Oh my, that was wonderful.

    My house got struck by lightning when I was a kid, and it totally scared me because I was home alone.

  3. Oh girl! That's just bad luck.

  4. Okay, Wendy, can I just say that me n' you got some craaaaazy stuff going on. Did you know our house got struck on the 4th, too? Lost phone, power outlets, all the same stuff. Except the phone company told us they'd be here by Friday! So I've got one day on you! Back to borrowing computers for me.

  5. Not good about the lightning. I remember when the tree fell on part of your house. Was that the last time lightning struck your house, Mama Hen?

    But that is funny about Matt's comment. It might not have been funny at the time, but, honestly, it shows that he is thinking. Maybe not about the history you wanted him to think about, but his mind just started tracking a rabbit trail. Just move on with the next subject, as you did. :)

  6. Oh I so miss your posts - and your happy clan! They never fail to brinig a smile...or even a good hearty laugh!! Hope all is going well.

  7. Michele, Yes, the last time we were struck was when we lost the tree. This time it isn't as bad, just frustrating. We lost the phone, router, modem, my father-in-laws lift chair (very expensive), our dryer, and the xbox. All things we can live without (except for the lift chair), but are nice to have. I am on "borrowed" internet right now. It comes and goes. Hopefully the phone man will come today. I am heading out to Walmart to buy some drying racks for our clothes. I have been wanting some anyway. When the insurance money comes we will be able to replace some things, like the dryer and lift chair. Hopefully the modem also, which are pretty pricey. At least we still have AC! Last time we lost it and it was in July and was brutal!