Saturday, July 2, 2011

Very Late Friday Linky-Loos

~After the crummy week (for no reason other than I just felt crummy) I read this yesterday afternoon. It didn't get me out of my blahs, but it helped. I think every mom should read it every morning. And then at lunch and at supper. Maybe before bedtime too.

~Okay, Mrs. Jennifer, get ready to have your mind blown. I think you might like this one just a little bit.

~This lady is Funny with a capital F.

~This lady too.

Well, the party plans started to crumble around 3 AM this morning. Yesterday Tyler didn't feel too well, and last night he woke me up with a fever and sore throat. We'll see what happens.

Mark and Matt are working on the first stages of the goat fence today. We have the little milking place cleaned out and ready to go. I still can't believe this is happening. Like I said, I always wanted to be Caroline Ingalls and Livvy Walton all wrapped into one. I just never thought I would actually be the one doing the work. That's how teenage girls think you know. Thirty-eight year old girls think, "Ahhh, what have we done????"

But, as Bethany said, "Maybe it will make some good blog fodder." :)


  1. okay, whoa. That fam for SURE wins. I am going to have to spend a couple of years at that blog.

  2. Wait. Actually...having gone back and read their guidelines and stuff, they maybe win second or third. They didn't make such heavy restrictions and that's kind of the way I do it here anyway. Kind of. I'm still liking it.

  3. I'm sorry you had a crummy week! Maybe this week will be better since it's going to begin with a holiday. :)

  4. So sad about my Tyler! Goats - really??? Are you just trying to find ways to keep me away from there? First chickens and now goats! Next thing I know you'll have cows and then well, I just don't know...

  5. Dang! Thanks for giving me a shout out! It was my first link sharing by someone who isn't my family EVER! Glad I could make you laugh! I will be stopping by more often! :)