Monday, July 11, 2011


Sunday after church Mark and Matt built me a real clothesline!

Now, I know myself, and I know I will not solely use this for drying my clothes, but it will be so nice to have for drying quilts, sheets, towels, etc... And for emergencies like we have going on now. The dryer repairman is supposed to come today. We'll see...

I told Mark hanging up that quilt made me feel like my grandmother. When I was growing up she hung her clothes on the line and I loved to help her. She probably didn't think it was as wonderful as I did, but that is a vivid memory I have of her. Maybe I can make some memories with my grandchildren one day like that.

Thank you honey and Matt!


  1. Cool! The best "line" is this green plastic coated wire. I'm in love with my clothesline.... You should become in love with yours too!

    You are so blessed, yours is much larger than we had room for

  2. I used to love going out there while she hung the clothes or took them off the line and snagging plums off the tree!

  3. That looks lovely...back to basics! I love when those vivid memories of Grandma come back. I get a little misty when I see canning jars. Grandma probably dreaded the canning job, but I always thought the rows of beautifully preserved veggies and fruits was like looking at a artistic masterpiece.