Wednesday, August 24, 2011

For Crying Out Loud...

When our children were born Mark gave them all Indian names. I don't know how it all started really, but he would just find some name that he thought would go with their personalities or some physical characteristic they exhibited. Tyler's name was "Little Foot" because he was so tiny and had the most precious little baby feet you could ever imagine. All this was done in good fun.

Well, today I have gone through the house and turned off lights. And turned off lights. And then turned off some more lights. So, if Mark was going to name me he would have to call me,

"She who spends her time turning off lights because her children have no concept of a power bill and as she walks through the house she says over and over, "For crying out loud! Will you children start turning off the lights?!!!!" and then she goes to next room and does it over and over."

So, what would your Mommy/Wife Indian name be?


  1. "She who hangs the towels."
    For some reason my family seems to think towels belong tossed on the counter top!

  2. I'm absolutely positive Jay would give me the name "Precious Angel Baby Love Darlin'" Don't you think that's what he would name me???

  3. Oh, rats..Jill stole mine! Right now, he best call me Darlin' as I am "she who sits in basement with her man watching pre-season football - and pretending ever so perfectly that she is really interested!"

  4. Haha! Jennifer!!! So many nights now, I, too, pretend that preseason football IS what I would like to spend the evening watching. Of course! as for my Indian name: I think it would be She who lives on computer (between at-home work and catching up on blogs and Facebook....GUILTY!). If I were to choose my own name, I'd like "Oh Great Teacher," from my daughter. "Wife above all" from my husband.....but that's just thinking too highly of myself....haha!!

  5. She who just wants you to nap for more than an hour and DOESN'T think that's too much to ask.

  6. My name would be Em/Av/We/Waid, because I always start saying 1 kids name, when its not that kid, and change 1/2 way thru. Funny story==a friend in Montgomery had a Sam and a Peyton, she did the wrong name thing one day --and ended up with Satan. She was horrified that she had called her kids Satan.