Tuesday, August 9, 2011

Goings Ons...

1. It is hot.

2. I made salsa and tomato juice yesterday.

3. This morning I am working on muscadine jelly. One batch down and one to go. Later this week I will be making applesauce, apple pie filling, and then it will be time to work on the pears. And by then more tomatoes will have turned and it will be time to make more salsa. And then I will say, "Why do we do this every year?" And then I will see the filled pantry and realize why we do this every year, but will be so glad I don't have to do it again for 11 more months.

4. My youngest child, age 4.5, has decided that he knows everything. As in everything. Oh boy.

5. One of my children (obviously not the one above) admitted freely they made a very bad decision and took the consequence without arguing or tears. And I then went and looked out to see if the sun was still there and life as we know it was going to go on. This was a huge day in my parenting career.

6. It is so hot outside.

What's going on in your Little House today?


  1. We actually had RAIN yesterday and what seemed from my recollection to be a coolish morning.

    Having raccoon trouble in the corn. Tomatoes are JUST starting to turn. We started them late.

  2. today is my husband's first day back at work....sad day for us all at home :( silas has a fever, but i don't think it's just from teething, trying to keep him comfortable today and get that fever down. the girls are having a lazy day, but they're not fighting/whiny at all, which is super nice. easing back into "regular" life :)

  3. It is very hot outside, no one wants to be outside and I can't blame them.

  4. I'll let you know when I get to my little house...

    Love you sis. So glad you do all you do!

  5. Do you can your tomatoes and salsa with a pressure canner? i've never had success with that, always have to freeze my 'maters. do you have a secrect recipe?

  6. It's hot out here too :) But our a/c's are wonderful...can't live without them.. it is about 47C at the moment, not sure what that is in F, but it is rather warm :)
    Other than that.. it is school and quilting as usual!

  7. Yum, you've been productive. We're still waiting for more than a handful or two of muscadines. They are not all getting ripe at the same time this year. We may just have to venture out into the wild woods (with lots of insect repellent) in order to get enough to actually make a batch of jelly!