Tuesday, August 16, 2011

No Title, Just A Tuesday...

Woo-Hoo! I got the bills all paid yesterday and even made it to the post office to buy the stamps to mail the bills. Can cross that off the list for another month! :)

Last night I had to speak in front of a small group of women. Just a little 3-4 minute spill about the service projects for Heritage Girls and I thought I was going to throw up. On the drive home I asked Abbie how I did and she said she didn't know, that she didn't listen to me. So good to know I have the support of the fam. James said I did "good." Hmmm.

As the evening went on and I talked with the moms about service projects and trying to get them to actually SIGN up for stuff instead of just TALKING about signing up for stuff I noticed that I was still feeling nauseaus and that my head was starting to hurt. And I felt more and more bone-tired as the night went on.

I came home, sat and stared, until Mark got home and then I went straight to bed. This morning I am fine so I am assuming my body is letting me know I need to avoid all forms of public speaking and probably all forms of public appearances, and I just need to stay home all wrapped up in my little home cocoon and never go anywhere else again. Sounds good to me.

Today we are schooling and canning and freezing. Tomatoes are ready to go and I still have one more batch of jelly to make. And then tomorrow-we start on pears. I can them just as sliced pears and make a concoctoion of strained pears and sugar called Pear Honey. Delicious on biscuits and as a ham glaze.

Today we are also going to get a female rabbit to replace Cookie~our rabbit which was eaten by the neighbor's dog. In my mind though she is roaming the pasture with a whole bunch of baby bunnies to take care of. Hey, it's my hobby farm and I'll run it the way I want to...

So, in about one month we should have some baby bunnies. Now, as to what we are going to do with these babies I have no idea. I mean they will be cute and all, but cute can only get you so far as paying for feed goes....


  1. Well if we weren't a dozen states away, my Little Miss E would love a bunny- it's all she talks about. Her life long cuddly is a now very worn out bunny named Towey, it has a personality and everything... Having a real bunny is her wish {we'd love for her to have a bunny, our landlord says no pets :( }

  2. Public speaking is for the birds!

  3. I suppose that eating the bunnies is completely out of the question?

  4. I'm glad you survived your public speaking event so that you could make Pear Honey. I was introduced to it earlier this year and my mom now thinks we need to start making our own. I prefer for others to do the work and for me to enjoy it, because enjoy it I do! Yum!!