Tuesday, August 30, 2011

No Title, Just A Tuesday...

Well, I got all my lists made yesterday. But now that I have my lists I have to do whats on them. Ya'll, I am so good at MAKING the lists and the plans and then so NOT good at follow-through.

And to top it off it looks like I have two sick kiddos today. Abbie and Matt both appear to be dealing with some kind of cold/allergy thing.

But today is a home day again-I love home days. So, today I will take care of my kiddos and school the other ones. And do the normal little cleaning stuff, and be glad for days like this. Days when we can be together.

Except, James just walked by with his blanket all wrapped up on his shoulder and told me "he was leaving town." Since he is not allowed to go out of the backyard it should be interesting to see where he ends up.


  1. Check with Granny. Their place is "out of town", I'll bet.

  2. Abbie and Matt better get better - that makes me sad. Tell James he's not allowed to leave town unless it's to visit Aunt Jill.

  3. Our younger son (3 y.o.) is good at dressing himself in a t-shirt, pull-ups, shoes and a backpack stuffed with toys and announcing that he is going camping. Really.

    So I can just see your James doing this!

  4. Hope your kiddos are up and at 'em with the rest of 'em soon!