Wednesday, August 3, 2011

Thoughts From A Slumber Party...

( The girls with their No Boys Allowed sign in the treehouse)

1. If I thought having one girl not being able to find her matching flip-flops was frustrating, having 10 girls not being able to find matching flip-flops is even more frustrating. Especially when they are tired with a capital T.

2. Making 30 pancakes is really no more trouble than making 10. Seriously.

(Showing off their tie-dye shirt creations)

3. Shy little girls who hardly ever utter a peep will turn into the Life of the Party at 2:30 am, after eating seven bite-sized Snickers in a row. Ask me how I know.

4. I have been wanting more reading time and last night I read a 408 page book about Laura Bush. I think I should have specified I would prefer that time not to be the 10 pm till 4:30 am range.(Creating can be messy work)

5. Five of the ten girls accomplished their goal of STAYING UP ALL NIGHT LONG (said in a giggling voice). The last time I got up to tell them to calm down was 4:45 am, but when I got up at 6:15 am to get Mark off to work they were all out like lights. One of them had just fallen in the floor and landed there sound asleep. For modesty's sake I covered her up with a sleeping bag and she did not even move.

6. If you make picking muscadines sound like lots of fun and give each girl her own little basket they will happily trot outside to do your bidding. Until someone mumbles that this feels like work, and hot work at that. We had our hottest day of the year yesterday.
(They all braved the zipline)

7. Little House vs. Kit Kittridge is a hard battle fought. You should have seen the politics being played out between these ten girls trying to decide which one to watch first.

Best Line of the Night: (as the girls are deciding to continue with their "staying-up-all-night plan")

"Well, I have stayed up all night for at least five times and it is NOT as fun as it sounds."

(Some got to hold their first chicken. I can just imagine going to these girl's weddings one day and them introducing me to their groom. "And this is Mrs. Clark. I got to hold a chicken at her house when I was ten...")


  1. 1. i've still never held a chicken
    2. staying up all night: really not very fun at 29, fabulous at 10
    3. you're probably the funnest mom ever with those tie dyed shirts :)
    4. kit kittredege was a pretty fun movie!

  2. I cannot let my 13 year old read your post!! She'll have one major fit because I've never let her stay up all night. Even though her friends do it all the time - at least that's what she tells me...;-)

  3. I'm so glad they had fun! And guess what? It's over - and you SURVIVED!

  4. And if you put ice cubes on your eyes when you get too tired it helps you stay up later.

    I would vote with the Kit Kittredge crowd.

  5. I had a good time with the boys, while you were having a good time with the girls. You are a good Mom

  6. I was wondering how your sleepover went. It sounds like it went great! Love the t-shirts--and the fort photo! :)

    I do hope you get some sleep now. ;)

    I'm not sure how you wound up with so many muscadines this early, though. Today's grape-picking count was 13, added to the earlier weekly count of 10. Maybe they're all holding out for next week so I can take them to the canning seminar at my church school? I think I'll put all mine in the refrigerator until next week, when hopefully I'll have enough to cook up a batch of jelly. :)

  7. I think that sounded like a fab sleepover. Any sleepover where you get to hold a chicken would be. Have you fully recovered from your all nighter 'o fun? :) You are an awesome mama! Thanks for giving me some great ideas to use when my baby girls are 13. I don't know where I am gonna get a chicken though!

  8. "Well, I have stayed up all night for at least five times and it is NOT as fun as it sounds."

    Love it! We had our first (and probably last) sleepover party last year.

    I feel so out of it. I've never heard of Kit Kittredge or muscadines.

  9. Oh this SO reminds me of all of my slumber parties growing up!!

    ..but it doesn't sound as much fun from the Mother's standpoint.

    Maybe I'll wait a few more years before letting Ali do this.

  10. Sounds like the girls had a blast, but I'm with Rachel...doesn't sound like as much fun for the mama, I can't stay up late :) I was always the first one to fall asleep at slumber parties!