Tuesday, September 20, 2011

(Excuse the stunned expression. Apparently it is very hard for 13 year old boys to "look natural")

This morning my sweet little newborn Tyler got his braces. And can I just say I don't like it one bit. Because it makes him look like a teenager. And doesn't he know he is still my teeny-tiny newborn baby?

And after signing the financing forms at the office this morning for these said braces I am beginning a prayer program for the other three. Prayer that their teeth will miraculously straighten out on their own.

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  1. I'm gonna need a picture where he doesn't look like a crazy man. But he's even cute when he's acting crazy!

  2. Very like totally teenagery.

    I am praying for miraculous straightenings over here too.

  3. Oh, Mama Hen, I hear you on those braces! I am so happy to say that we pay off a certain young lady's mouth in about a week. And, honestly, I have no immediate plans to begin on anyone else's mouth any time soon.

    I do pray for my own kids' mouths to straighten on their own, too. If you knew what we'd been through with eldest's struggles and pain you would understand! ;)

  4. blessings on the braces :-) my baby has had his on for 9 mo now!! I have to keep a watch on those teeth because there are alot of hard to reach areas that get yucky..... also the swallow the metal saga;-)