Monday, September 19, 2011

Happenings and A Giveaway....

The persimmons are turning orange.

Okay, it is finally happened. I am so far behind it will now be impossible for me to catch up, much less ever win the race. What race, you say? You name it and I will be behind on it.

Mark and the big boys got the goat fence finished while I was gone on my trip. The gate looks good and we are getting closer to having the goat shed/barn completed. Well, Mark is. My contribution is to go up and look at it. I am so helpful that way. I did stand out in the pasture and measure fence row stuff with him yesterday. I was very helpful as the person who held the end of the measuring tape.

Matt caught this large reptile thing out back. He and James had fun playing around with it. It has been safely released into its natural backyard habitat. My house has all it can hold with unnatural habitats. I officially reached my limit Friday when Matt purchased six fish for his room. No more! cries MamaHen.

Mark had the unfortunate responsiblity of getting rid of four roosters. We had stopped getting eggs and the chickens were beginning to look a little, well, unseemingly. Four roosters are three too many and we just decided to get rid of all of them. The girls must be starting to relax a little bit because this morning we got three huge brown eggs. Its about time because last week I had to buy eggs at the store. I haven't had to do that for a long time.

Now for the little giveaway... I have a package of 12 blank notecards designed by an Amish lady in Lancaster. We stopped at her house where she and her husband have a store behind their house. The cards are so pretty and I really think you will enjoy them. Also included is a bar of Misty Creek Goat Milk Soap. I think I may have a slight obsession with goat soap now. I guess I want to spread the obsession around.

To enter, just leave me a comment telling me a happening that is going on at your house. I 'll draw a winner on Friday!

****Today I am linking up at Raising Homemakers.

The winner of the giveaway is Sarah!


  1. That persimmon is making me pucker!

    You sure are a busy lady! I marvel at your energy.

    This week is filled with the joys of 1 child taking 6 weeks tests, another stripe testing at karate and participating in the third grade play, another cutting eye teeth, a haircut for me, and my first night away from the baby EVER this Friday at the .MOM conference. So excited!

  2. I LOVE Goat Milk Soap!

    I am a single mama this week, with my husband away on business the first part and then on a trip to an Ordination in Italy the second half. He will be taking our 5 year old son as it is his Godfather being ordained.

    I will then be down to three kids and am very interested to see what a week without the oldest will be like!

  3. Fall tennis is in full swing three nights a week, I get to visit with a friend on Wednesday, made a batch of chilli last night to tide us over for a few days...front porch is full of kittens, cat and dogs...will it get cleaned this week...stay tuned!


  4. Wendy, you are such a fun girl!

    Our week is full of running to and fro ... from piano lessons to ballet class to soccer practices and games. We'll throw in a field trip and Bible study for good measure and try to get some school work accomplished as well. :)

    And, of course, there will be a naps inserted in there somewhere. There is always time for a nap!

  5. I LOVE goat soap! Our former neighbor made her own and it was devine and I loved having my own personal supplier:)

    I so appreciate helpful spouses! We came home from our vacation to a clogged toiled that the kids had not been able to unclog - so, yes, it had been sitting....and festering..and waiting for Dad for several days. Read that - it was gross. I was very supportive to bring some towels and the room deodorizer all the way to the top of the stairs - and leave them on the landing. Is he lucky, or what??

  6. This week for me is getting caught up on projects and finishing them, sorting eggs, finding where a couple of the newly started pullets are laying them, making new nesting boxes, finishing up doing something with the last of the pears, harvesting the last bits from the garden and laundry.. never ending laundry.

  7. I know nothing of goat soap--so I really need it!
    School, school, trying to get science and history going, it won't go for long. When the new kids get home, they won't have a clue, and we will be concentrating on other things.
    Also trying to list many things on craigs list and DH's want ads at work. Seems after Jake's freshman 15, and sophomore 15, and lightening up of the dress code, we have a bunch of nice dress clothes I hope to get some $ for.

  8. I too love goat milk soap! This week I am going to make laundry detergent for the first time and work on finishing a quilt that needs to have a back and then binding. Thanks for the chance!

  9. Would love to win your give-a-way since I'm a big Amish fan!

    We have to get rid of some roosters ourselves. We are schooling, playing soccer, and just enjoying being together.

  10. Lets see.. This week is filled with soccer practice for 2 kids, dance for 2 kids, co-op, soccer games, a couple of doctor appointments, preschool for the twins, school for the big kids.. Am I leaving anything out? Who knows! I hope that you have a great week!

  11. I am a taxi driver, taking three people to three different schools every morning, and then collapsing on a heap on the sofa with my coffee and my baby. I then spend most of my day squeaking at her with a high pitched voice so she laughs and getting nothing else done!

    I have never tried goat milk soap, but if it is a silky and yummy as goat cheese, what a treat it might be!

  12. This week is a very busy one here. Homeschooling, A Dr. appt, 2 Dentist appts, Daddys mens group tonight mh womans small group Thurs, Childrens kids club on Fri and then I have a Yard sale day planned for Sat. There is a community near me that has community once a year and it is HUGE and so many yard sales. I look forward to it and hope I can make it every year.

    The cards are so cute I am about 1.5 to 2 hrs from Lancaster.

  13. Please sign me up for the giveaway.

    We moved on saturday. Busy days here!


  14. getting ready for my mama (and dad) to come friday!!

  15. Let's see, what is happening at my house... lots of homeschool, restoring an old mobile home to live in, and working!

  16. Whooooooooooooooot and Whee-Ha!

    Thank you!!!