Wednesday, November 23, 2011


More bunny pics. So sorry to ya'll that aren't the slightest bit interested, but I am a little obsessed.
Mark caught this picture of my in-laws as they were walking towards their house Sunday. They had come out to see the bunnies. They are such a living and walking example of what loving each other really means.

Last Friday night Abbie got to participate in the Secret Keeper Girls Concert here in our town. She got to model and even though it was a B.I.G. hassle we had lots of fun and she looked adorable on that stage. The girls modeled fun, but modest clothing. If you ever get a chance to go to one of these concerts in your hometown you should. The emphasis is on glorifying Jesus and not yourself throughout your life.

Today is cooking day and I hope we can make a library run this afternoon.

Hope you all have a terrific holiday with your families!


  1. Sweet pic of the in-laws. I heard if you ever want an older lady to be a mentor, find one at Church who is holding hands with her husband.

  2. Love the pics. Made me cry - and I don't cry. Thanks Wendy, for loving my brother and your children. Thanks also for loving my dear, sweet parents. I love you. You may never know how much, but I do.