Sunday, November 13, 2011

Stink Crisis Averted....

Some of you may remember this Great Stink Story. I know I will never forget it. As will the older children. But young James, who was not even born when this mega-disaster occurred, did not learn this lesson.

Saturday I happened to notice that James was carrying an egg to his room. My mom "hmmmm radar" went off and I followed him to see what was going on. He went and laid his egg his his sock basket. As I investigated further I saw two other eggs nestled gently in the basket.

Upon questioning I learned he was trying to "grow" a baby chicken.

I listened, and then very calmly pointed out that only momma chickens can grow baby chickens and any eggs we bring in the house are to eat. I then in a very stern voice tried to explain the terrible stink of rotten eggs and why we didn't want that in our house.

He went along with throwing the old eggs away without any fuss.

Crisis Averted, but you can bet I will be checking the room for any eggs we might have missed in the coming days.


  1. yikes! yes, definetly keep tabs on James' sock basket :) we had this horrible stink in the car the last few days, so bad i thought there was a hidden diaper in there somewhere...nope it was a bottle. with milk. and i have no idea how long it was in there. ew.

  2. Grow a baby chicken! So sweet!