Thursday, December 29, 2011

How did it get to be Thursday?...

Okay, okay. Today we start back into the real world just a little bit.

Actually, even though a whole lot of nothing has been done, I have been getting some things taken care of.

~I got all the Christmas stuff taken down and put away.
~I cleaned out my pantry.
~I cleaned out the toybox to make room for James' new toys.
~I went through some clothes to give away.
~I got all my ironing done for the week.
~I helped Matt make a yard sign for the bunnies for sale.
~I cooked a real meal last night.
~I cleaned out the camping closet.
~Abbie and I made cupcakes yesterday and we all had fun decorating with my new cake decorating tips. They were not pretty at all, but it was my first try. And they tasted good.
~I got about half-way through P&P. Don't tell, but my oldest has been mysteriously showing up when it is on and watching it. Matt is asking questions about it too, mostly on why the music is so loud (I have wondered this myself) and why they use such long words?

Hmmm, now that I am looking at the list I think I need another day off to recoup. Whatcha think?

Today we are going to venture to Wal-Mart. I have some returns to make and some food to buy. We are going to the Hixons tomorrow and I would like to take Rebekah a meal. Right now my choices would be spaghetti with no sauce or broccoli. I'm sure my family would appreciate me stocking up on some food you can actually eat instead of me just calling the cookies a "good protein source because they have peanut butter in them."

I love to take meals to people. It is one of my favorite things to do. I have fun planning out what to make and then delivering it to my friends. Makes my heart happy to know the mom can just kick back and not have to worry about supper that night. Of course, for Rebekah to get this meal she is going to have to put up with five other people descending upon her house for several hours and give up her baby for awhile to me because I need to get some rocking time in. Bless her heart...she really is a wonder-woman.

Speaking of wonder-women, my friend Janet got home on Christmas day with her two new little ones. You should go tell her hi and see what sweeties she has!


  1. I want to take a day to recoup! PP is so good!

  2. Jill, lets have a girls recoup day and watch P&P. And you can make chicken dip! :)

  3. You've been productive! Good for you! :) I just wish I could say that my day yesterday included more than multiple doctors' and hospital clinic visits and phone calls and a Sam's Club run. Sigh.