Saturday, December 17, 2011


I have two things to write about tonight.

1. Abbie and I went to the hospital this morning and got to see Rebekah's newest son. And let me tell you, it was baby heaven. He is adorable and he already likes me best. I know, I just know. Rebekah and baby are doing well and Abbie was so sweet holding him.

2. This is hard to write. But maybe it will help me to process what happened today and deal with it in a mature wise manner. Or it might make break down and cry.

Follow along and see what happens.

Abbie and I were enjoying the visit with Sweet Baby when a nurse came in to do some bloodwork on Rebekah. Abbie and I stepped outside because no one wanted me passing out on the floor of Rebekah's room. I don't do well with needles you understand.

We were standing outside the room when a young woman walks by pushing her baby in a little bassinet thingy down the hall. She went down one side and when she came up on our side I complimented her on her beautiful baby and smiled. She asked me if I was there to visit someone and I said, "Yes, but she is doing some bloodwork so I came outside to wait." She then said, and I'm not making this up, Abbie is my witness,

"Is it your daughter?"

As in my daughter in there having a baby. As in I was the grandmother. As in, this person thought I looked old enough to have a child old enough to have a baby.

I looked perplexed as it took me a minute to fully realize what she had just said and mumbled, "No, it is my friend."

Abbie managed to hold the laughter in until she out of earshot and then started laughing.

I walked in and told Eric and Rebekah and they got a good laugh.

I came home and told Mark, expecting some comforting and reassurances that I did not look like a grandmother, and he laughed and told me he was going to call me Granny from now on.

I talked with my used-to-be favorite niece, Mrs. Jennifer, and she laughed so hard she couldn't hardly talk. I will give her the credit that when she got her self-control back she tried to think of a good excuse for why the woman would have said that. But she couldn't.

So, Granny MamaHen will now just get her cane and her reading glasses and head on to bed. Its 6:55 pm after all...


  1. That is a funny story! And NO you do NOT look like a granny

  2. One of my college roommates had a little sister that was an oops baby. She hated taking her sister places because she got dirty looks of "there goes a teen mom." All she wanted to do was yell, "SHE'S MY BABY SISTER!"

    I feel your pain.

  3. First, Abbie looked precious holding that sweet baby.

    Second, obviously this girl was still hopped on "baby-having" medicine because you DO NOT look like you could have a grandbaby! She better be glad you weren't PMSing!

  4. Oh, dear. We've about gotten to that age, haven't we? No, no, no, you do NOT look like a grandmother...but I don't know if you should trust a bunch of old people telling you that. Because if you look like one, we probably do too!

  5. Personally I don't think you look a day over 21, and that woman is crazy.

  6. Rebekah's baby is gorgeous! Thanks for sharing the pic.

    As for you being a Granny... I think you are letting that recent birthday go to your head. You are very young and beautiful. (Still, I did laugh... sorry...)


  7. Aw, now...I'm sorry. This doesn't seem so odd to me, since I was by far the oldest granddaughter in my Dad's side of the family to have my first kid. Most of them were 16. And my Aunts...which made my Grandmother a...get this...GREAT-GRANDMOTHER before she was FIFTY!!! In fact, the birthrates were so ridiculous that my Great-Grandmother was only a few years away from becoming a Great-Great-Great Grandmother when she died. Seriously insane.

    Not that any of that makes you feel any better...

  8. For those who don't know, my baby is 6! I must do something... maybe next year...

  9. Oh, that's okay sweet pie. I had a non-relative at an engagement party this PAST August ask me if I was the one who just had the baby! My mouth hit the floor and I said "excuse me?" I haven't worn that dress since, even though hubby says I look hot in it!